Spice Up Your Night with a Sushi/Teppanyaki Delight!

26 Apr

Sure sushi/teppanyaki is a great cuisine, but where are the best restaurants to find it? When I search for a good restaurant I look first for quality and customer service. When I walk through the door of any restaurant, I first take a look at my surroundings and how well the restaurant is taken care of and what the vibe is like. After I am seated I pay attention to how attentive the server is and whether or not they do a good job to the best of their ability. Next, I judge the quality and presentation of the food. Cheap food tastes like cheap food. There is nothing better than the taste of authentic, quality food to get my taste bud engines revving. When you can find all three of these important factors in one restaurant, it sure does make it hard to stray away to any other place! Here is a list of the three top sushi/teppanyaki restaurants in Bakersfield that will be sure to have you coming back for more while leaving you full and satisfied!

  • Tokyo Garden which in my opinion, is the top sushi restaurant in Bakersfield, and has all three of these qualities plus more. When you walk in, you are immediately greeted and seated or informed on how long the wait is. They have a huge dining area and sushi bar to sit at decorated with Japanese style art and a huge indoor coy pond located in the entrance. This restaurant is appealing when you first walk through the door and has an upbeat vibe. You are given the choice to sit at a teppanyaki table or at a regular table in the seating area. Teppanyaki is my favorite and is such a huge attribution of Tokyo Garden. This is where you are able to watch your chef make your food right in front of you on a sizzling hot stove and do fun tricks with fire and food. This is a family friendly atmosphere and it is great to use for birthday parties and other large family/ friend gatherings, or even for a fun date night. The food is outrageously good and appeals to almost anyone. You have a huge variety of options to choose from and they are even kid friendly. They offer a sushi bar to order sushi items and all of their food is of premium quality. They are a little more expensive, but the prices are affordable and worth every penny you spend. Their sister restaurant is Miyoshi Japanese Restaurant and is smaller, but still large in taste!

    An example of what teppanyaki looks like up close! What a fun way to spend your night out. (Photo credit: taisanchef.com)

    An example of what teppanyaki looks like up close! What a fun way to spend your night out. (Photo credit: taisanchef.com)

  • Akiras Japanese Restaurant is another restaurant that specializes in teppanyaki and sushi food. This restaurant comes in at a close second and is another favorite of mine.  The restaurant is more mildly decorated but offers more teppanyaki tables and less regular dining. The atmosphere is fun and inviting, and is a fun place to go on any night of the week! They also offer a full sushi bar and great customer service. This is a family friendly environment and provides you with great food and drinks, and they also have a big menu to choose from that is very similar to Tokyo Garden’s. Their prices are in the medium range and are definitely affordable.
  • Enso’s Japanese Restaurant is unfortunately an amazing place to get amazing food, but their customer service lags big time. If they offered better service, this is the top place in town to get your sushi fix. They in contrast do not offer teppanyaki, but they have a large dining area and a really nice sushi bar to watch your chef make your food. Their special feature is their downstairs fully stocked bar/lounge where you can host private parties at a fee of $100. They have a more modern and upbeat vibe, but can sometimes leave you waiting for longer periods of time. They also offer a wide variety of food that differs from Tokyo and Akiras, and sets their restaurant apart. They are family and kid friendly and their prices range from medium to high depending on your dish; but the food is worth it. Their sister restaurant is Toro Sushi Bar and Grill.

    The Crunchy Sexy Roll found at Enso's Japanese Bar. (Photo credit: facebook.com)

    The Crunchy Sexy Roll found at Enso’s Japanese Bar. (Photo credit: facebook.com)


One Response to “Spice Up Your Night with a Sushi/Teppanyaki Delight!”

  1. natesanchez92 June 13, 2013 at 11:23 pm #

    For the longest time, I was oblivious to the fact that you can eat and have fun at the same time. Then I went to Tokyo Garden. I’d eat here everyday if it wouldn’t deplete me of all my money.

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