3 May

Things are heating up in the National Basketball Association playoffs.  The Los Angeles Lakers have been swept out of the first round of the playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs.  The season ended in disappointment for the Lakers but there are still plenty of games worth watching in this year’s first round of post season play.


The logo for the National Basketball Association playoffs

This part of the season is the most exciting for basketball fans and being that the Lakers are from Los Angeles, Bakersfield is home to many of their fans but now that they are out, fans can root for other California teams including the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers.  Fans who search far and wide for a place to watch the game need look no further than Bakersfield’s own Firehouse restaurant.

The Firehouse is in the Southwest part of Bakersfield on the corner of White Lane and Gosford road.  It has a wide variety of lunch and dinner choices including steaks, burgers, sandwiches, and pizza.  Fans who are also billiards lovers would be in heaven, as the restaurant also boasts 18 regulation sized pool tables.


The Golden State Warriors’ Stephon Curry celebrates after a big play. The Warriors have made it to the second round of the playoff where they await their next opponent.

            The one thing true sports fans have to have when watching a game is a nice TV, so basketball fans can rest easy in knowing that whichever way they look, they would surely catch a glimpse of the game on one of the Firehouse’s 20 high-definition flat screen televisions.  The Firehouse also has a full bar and Bakersfield’s largest selection of beer on tap for fans looking to grab a cold one during the game.

            Past years, in which the Lakers went deep into the playoffs, the place was wild.  “It felt like I was actually at the game, people were chanting M-V-P when Kobe went to the free throw line as if we were actually inside the Staples Center,” said Davey Orloff as he explains his experience watching the Lakers win the NBA Championship at the Firehouse in 2010.  Zach Richmond explains his experience at the restaurant only two days ago when the Lakers played a must win game against the New Orleans Hornets:  “I have never seen a restaurant so packed during a game, and there were Lakers jerseys at every table.”  This year the Lakers had a shortened season but fans can still watch games in a playoff atmosphere at the Firehouse.

It would be hard to find another bar around town that hosts so many basketball fans who actually mock chants often heard in stadiums around the country.  My dad, Bryan Hough, was a former manager at The Firehouse, and he was there during the 2010 game 7 that one the Lakers the championship.  “I haven’t seen anything like that. I am 43 years old and have been a Laker fan my whole life, but that night we were packed wall to wall with Lakers jerseys.  There were a few Celtic fans, but that place was like a mini Staples Center for a night,” he said.

The Firehouse also has a welcoming staff.  The waiters and waitresses are very nice and helpful.  With how packed the games get during this time of year, they are pretty quick at getting food to the customers.

“I was surprised with how fast the service is,” said Omar Garza, a Lakers fan who often visits the Firehouse for games.  During big games like playoff and championship games, fans are also treated to a raffle.  Jerseys, balls, and tickets to places around town are given away to fans that pull a winning ticket or answer a correct question during the trivia held during commercials.

The Firehouse is a popular place for all sporting events including baseball, football, and ultimate fighting.  With baseball season starting up, the Firehouse will start to bring in many Dodger and Giants fans as they too call California home.  However, big playoff games bring in the most amounts of fans, and right now is the perfect time to join as the biggest games of the season are coming up.  Each win is a must win four game sixes are going to be played on May 3rd, 2013.

For more information fans can go onto the Firehouse’s Facebook page, where they post status updates for playoff games to remind fans that the best environment for watching games is at their restaurant.


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