McMurtrey Aquatic Center Helpin B-Town Cool Down

12 May

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Summers in Bakersfield are hot! Just this week our city is forecasted to bring in it’s first 100-degree day.  McMurtrey Aquatic Center is the answer for staying cool while having fun.  Located in downtown Bakersfield, this aquatic center is centrally located and offers amenities for young and old alike.

With an 8,551 square foot pool it is unlikely that you could get bored of lounging and swimming.  If you do, the aquatic center also offers double water slides with a plunge pool.  For the youngest swimmer the zero depth, beach entry, into the kiddie area is most likely where you’ll want to hang out.  In the kiddie are you will find hoses, fountains and waterfalls to entertain for hours.

In the larger of the 2 pools you can utilize diving boards, designated swimming lanes and wet play equipment.  This area is also open for early morning and late evening lap swimming for $5 entry.

In addition to the swimming fun there is also a snack bar, picnic and volleyball areas.  These areas including the aquatic center are all available to reserve privately or semi-privately.  With reservation fees starting at just $100 you can afford to host a party that’s sure to be a splash hit.

In the summer you can find McMurtrey open daily from 1–5 pm.  Admission is $3 per person or $10 for a group of 4-6 people.  Lather on the sunscreen and take a dip in our city’s newest aquatic center.  For swim hours and reservation fees you can visit the McMurtrey Aquatic Center website.



One Response to “McMurtrey Aquatic Center Helpin B-Town Cool Down”

  1. tasbiravy May 28, 2013 at 1:54 am #

    Aquatic center is all time my favorite place for weekends. Thanks for providing the whole description of the aquatic center and also mentioning the price of the tickets.

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