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Welcome to the Swap Meet: A great place of vast opportunities!

15 May

Main Entrance to the Swap Meet


The South Union Swap meet in Bakersfield offers a wide variety of new and used products and services as more than 300 vendors come out every weekend to be part of this outdoor market experience. After hearing several stories about how this place manages to offer used and new products at affordable and reasonable prices, and at the same time offer an entertaining experience, I decided to visit it for myself, and see what is really all about.  This is what I found out based on a vendor seller’s perspective.

Information about current admission prices includes the following:

Current Admission Prices (2013)


Bakersfield Entertains

15 Apr

For those that say there is nothing to do in Bakersfield, they are not completely off. It does not offer a whole lot like one would find in Los Angeles or San Francisco, but Bakersfield does with what it can.

One thing Bakersfield has to offer is events. Events are entertaining for the whole community. They allow everyone to join together on a fun, exciting activity.

In the Amazing Race, participants explored downtown Bakersfield in silly costumes while searching for clues. The person with the best outfit won $300.00. The group that won the race by finding what the clues meant the fastest won $1000.00. They then celebrated at On the Rocks Bar & Grill with food and music.

In the Fight for Air Walk, the participants walked for 5K in Yokuts Park to raise money and awareness for people suffering from breathing problems, and they, too, joined a fun celebration.

Events, such as these, can be looked up on the internet: http://www.kernevents.com/

Bakersfield also has to offer some bars and night clubs, shooting ranges, theaters, bowling alleys, parks, ice rinks, Rabobank Arena, and of course, a mall.

The mall, Valley Plaza, is my favorite place in Bakersfield.

Check it out: http://www.valleyplazamall.com/.

It has stores to shop at, and places to eat at. The mall is never empty. People are always there either shopping or simply hanging out.

All in all, I agree Bakersfield doesn’t have the great selection of entertainment, but there is some stuff do to on a Saturday night.

A Diamond in the Dust…

14 Apr

Bakersfield Sign Photo taken by Nick Chapman

If someone described to you what Bakersfield has to offer, like theater, classic orchestras, entertainers like Elton John and James Taylor performing live in concert, local artists performing music and art, and modern cuisine. People would not believe it was Bakersfield but rather some other major metropolis area.  In California, there exists a common attitude that Bakersfield is just an oil town. Devoid of any real experience of art, culture, or entertainment.  However, after living here for over ten years I can say that this mindset is not absolutely true. There is life here in Bakersfield, not just people living but a infusion of artistic and cultural awakening. This movement is not only expressed by artists and groups passing through Bakersfield but by the citizens themselves.


The Rabobank Arena.
Photo provided by the Marriot hotel.

The venues here in Bakersfield  are putting on great performances. Major locations like the Fox Theater and Rabobank Arena continue to bring  great talent to Bakersfield. While local theaters like The Empty SpaceBakersfield Community Theater, and Spotlight Theater bring many local artist to the stage and gallery. There are museums and zoos, fairs and concerts, and everything in between.


The Fox Theater Photo taken by Bobak Ha’Eri July 26 2009

The dilemma Bakersfield faces  today is that it desires to be both current and cultured as it duels with the equally passionate effort to remain the quiet conservative town it once was.

Bakersfield’s reputation as being one of the top 10 conservative cities in America, with a strong christian base lends people to believe that this city remains unmoved by currents trend in culture.  Yet, there is an undercurrent of nightlife, contemporary art, classical music, ballet, live bans, and sporting events, all bubbling up to the surface.

Bakersfield has over 350,000 residents now and has had a  41% jump in growth since the last decade. This created a more diverse society which grew the desire for a wider preference of the kinds of entertainment the city has to offer.  Bakersfield’s fun and creative side may not be the first thing people think about this city. But if you can wipe the dust away and if you know where to look, you will realize what a diamond it can truly be.

Bakersfield Culture Sizzles as Art and Theatre Celebrate 10 years at “The Empty Space”

14 Apr
"Kreative Allusions," by John Kirkeby

“Kreative Allusions,” by John Kirkeby-photo by Wanda Winkler

Bakersfield Culture Sizzles as The Empty Space Art Gallery/Theatre Celebrates Ten Years The Empty Space theatre and art gallery, located at 706 Oak St., is a cultural icon in Bakersfield. It is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary with an exhibit from John Kirkeby called, “Kreative Allusions” and a play called, “Crimes of the Heart,” written by Beth Henley and directed by Bob Kempf. Gallery director, Jesus Fidel, 30, prides the theatre/gallery as beng, “the only totally nonprofit, donation based theatre/gallery in the U.S. run by 20 volunteers 365 days a year,” said Fidel. Each month a different artist is featured in the art gallery and a different play is presented to the public. The plays are usually locally written or off-Broadway shows, with suggested donations of $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors per theatre show. Visiting the gallery exhibit is free and delicious snacks, coffee and wine is available. While the artist reception hours are between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. on weekends, the plays take place in the evenings on weekends. For a schedule of this month’s showings and future events go to www.esonline.org. John Kirkeby, retired from Xerox ten years ago, now has more time to be creative. He is celebrating his second showing at The Empty Space. “I really like the casual atmosphere at this gallery. For my first exhibit I was really nervous and brought 41 paintings and sold only a few. This year I have 21 paintings and they are selling very well,” said Kirkeby. He also has many prints of his artwork to choose from for sale at the gallery. If you are artistic and would like to exhibit your work to the public you can contact Michelle Guerrero, 35, the marketing director at (661) 327-7529. Both Guerrero and Fidel have been with The Empty Space for three years and are always available to answer any questions. If you love art you can also go to the Bakersfield Museum of Art website, www.bmoa.org for more information on  Bakersfield’s hidden art treasures.