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Entertainment in Bakersfield: Three High Quality Choices

27 Apr

Although we may all be under the impression that Bakersfield is just a small city, it is important to keep in mind that its entertainment sources are increasingly expanding throughout the years. When it comes down to narrowing choices for a weekend of entertainment in Bakersfield, the choices may be unlimited! It all depends on what you are looking for!


People enjoying a sunny day at the River Walk Park.
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 River Walk Park: If you are looking for a meditative experience, where you can reflect upon the recent events in your life, or simply reorganize your thoughts, then going to the River Walk Park located by Buena Vista Road and Stockdale Hwy, would be the most suitable choice. River Walk can be described as a recreational park in which you can contemplate wonderful nature features such as native plants, luxurious landscapes, and even lakes.


Padre Hotel Lounge Logo
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Padre Hotel Bar/Lounge: If you are really looking forward a place to distract yourself to get away from the ordinary stresses of the everyday life, embarking upon a wilder experience might be just the right choice for you. The nightclubs in Bakersfield may help you achieve this wilder experience in which you can rejoice yourself by socially drinking or dancing the night away in flashy platforms. A great place to embark upon this “wilder” experience is the Padre Hotel located at Bakersfield’s downtown. El Padre Hotel nightclub features all kinds of music every weekend, in a classy and trendy atmosphere at no cost to you.


People lining up to pay for their movie tickets.
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Edwards Theater: But if the nightlife is not suitable to you, another wonderful place where to relax and enjoy of a stress-free environment is the theater! Watching a funny, romantic, or action movie isn’t a bad idea when it comes to trying to entertain ourselves. In fact, it may also serve for a higher purpose: inspiration. Inspiration may come by simply watching a conversation in a movie. Who knows? you might be able to expand your ideas on a story you would like to write in the near future. So what could it be better than killing two birds at once by entertaining and inspiring ourselves simultaneously? A wonderful theater to do so is the Edwards Bakersfield as it features the newest movies all the time, and it even offers discounts for College students on Tuesdays. It is conveniently located on Ming Avenue at the Marketplace.

So now whenever you find yourself debating in what to do for fun on an ordinary weekend, keep in mind these wonderful places! They could definitely offer you an upscale experience from which you can get away from the monotonous stresses of life.



14 Apr

Looking for a little outdoor entertainment? Grab some friends and family and head on over to the River Walk. River Walk is a park located at Buena Vista Road and Stockdale Highway. One of the main attractions at the River Walk is the Bright House Networks Amphitheatre, an amazing outdoor public performance venue. I been to many concerts at the Bright House Networks Amphitheatre and I must say its a mind-blowing experience. If you would like to check out a concert at the venue go to http://www.bakersfieldampitheatre.us/

Do you love to go fishing? Grab your pole and tackle box and head over to the lake at the River Walk. Fishing at the River Walk is great, I remember the very first fish I caught it was a 15 inch bass. The lake has many different kinds of fish Species, Rainbow Trout, Bass, and Blue Gills to name a few. The River Walk consist of two lakes. The upper lake has a surface area of 3 acres and the lower lake is 2 acres and has become one of the most popular fishing spots in town. If you want to find out more information about the fishing at the River Walk park check out  http://www.kernfishing.com/content/lakes.com

If fish is not on your menu? Pack up some hotdogs and hamburgers and occupy one of the barbecues the River Walk has available. Great for family and friend picnics. The River Walk is a great outdoor adventure for all ages and can be your next destination for entertainment.

photo by Caric S.

photo by Caric S.