CSUB Student Recreation Centre

15 Apr

According to my perspective I find out California State University Bakersfield Student Recreation Centre is an awesome place to spend leisure time. Because the Student Recreation Center provides optimal service in a safe and fun environment for the CSUB community to achieve physical and mental well-being, personal development, and life-long learning through innovative, student-funded, student-driven programs of fitness, sports, and wellness. There are lot of things to do and to keep yourself amuse in CSUB Recreation centre. But most of the recreations are informal which include basketball, volleyball, badminton, cardiovascular and strength training, core strength and stretching, jogging/walking, heavy bag and speed bag, ballet barres and towels are also available during workout and on time of taking shower. All those informal recreation are self initiated activities for personal fitness and exercise.

Moreover, Student Recreation Centre provide 34 feet foot climbing wall which gives a mount climbing experience. They also have suspended indoor track, three- court gym, fitness center with a 22-foot high, 24-screen TV tower and more. The recreation centre also provides free badminton, table tennis bat/ball, volleyball and football. As a result, students don’t need to bring those playing equipment while they are in gym. Besides that, connection to outside also makes the facility more sustainable inside in the gym, with northern-facing windows to allow more constant light levels without as much solar heat gain, cutting back on artificial lightning and air conditioning.






30.CalState Bakersfield_709_2010



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