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Card players gather for Magic: The Gathering

15 Jun

Russo’s Bookstore is known to hold an array of events to attract more business by giving the community a place to bond over a common interest.

This Friday I watched over the guys and girls as they engaged countless hours of mental dexterity.

Click here to see The Gathering!


CSUB’s The Cherry Orchard, Video Story

11 Jun

On June 02, 2012, CSUB’s Dore Theater presented The Cherry Orchard. It was a must see play; it had great performance.

Entertainment for the Uneducated

15 Apr

(Photo Courtesy of: my college guide.) Collegiate Entertainment

One of the main complaints heard around campus is that there is nothing to do at CSUB. Despite the plethora of activities advertised each quarter, students still feel an overwhelming sense of boredom. Instead of relying on other people to provide students with entertaining events, they can create the fun themselves.

 Some CSUB students have learned to combine entertainment and education by having “homework parties.” Homework parties are described as social gatherings were friends come together to study or complete assignments. Stephanie Rodriguez, a former CSUB student, would frequently attend and hold “homework parties” with some of her closer friends.

 These little parties tend to have a relaxed feel, which allows more people to step outside of their comfort zone and join in on the fun.

 “We always held our ‘homework parties’ on Thursdays because that is the same night that new episodes of Jersey Shore would air,” Rodriguez said, “We would all go to the lobby, buy food, watch television, and finish homework.

 Smaller, more personal, events, such as “homework parties,” act as a foundation for students to build relationships amongst themselves based on common interests.

 Not only are “homework parties” a great way for people to make new friends and socialize with one another, but it also allows students to help each other with any problems they may not have been able to figure out themselves.

  “Homework parties” are beneficial because they can be held almost anywhere and the group size is infinite. Also, with education being the primary reason for coming together, there is an underlying sense of seriousness that is made present once the books are cracked open.

 Ashley Bruce, an undeclared sophomore said, ” We make studying in groups fun. Being able to laugh and relax while learning college level information sounds like it could be contradictory, but it really is possible.”