Let your geek flag fly!!!

18 May
"Paladin Gaming Castle" photo provided by http://www.hcrealms.com/images/venue_135_1_600w.jpg

“Paladin Game Castle” photo provided by http://www.hcrealms.com/images/venue_135_1_600w.jpg

Let’s face it, when it gets hot in Bakersfield there are some people who don’t go to the pool or the water park, and who don’t want to “go outside and play,” frankly because some of them burn too easy and their allergies would be rocking off the charts. They are the geeks and trading card gamers of Bakersfield, and while other people would be hitting the mall or working on their tan by the poolside, the geeks are slaying giants, fighting ogres, and storming castles. What is this magical realm and where can I find it? The place is called Paladins Game Castle and it is located on the corner of White lane and Ashe road in the Food Max shopping center.  Paladins Game Castle has been a safe haven to all Bakersfieldians who would like to let their geek flag fly for over 10 years. They have all the table top and card games you could desire,  from the classic card games like Magic the Gathering, role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, and the latest card games like World of Warcraft TCG. Paladin Game Castle has all the things you need to get started in your new favorite hobby and keep you out of the sun and the sweltering summer heat. If you’re not sure where to start, no problem, they can even  help teach you how to play the games.

"Facebook Page of Paladins Game Castle" Image provided by https://www.facebook.com/paladinsgamecastle

“Facebook Page of Paladins Game Castle” Image provided by https://www.facebook.com/paladinsgamecastle

The gaming store is a place where you can setup tournaments year round or just spend a day cooling off with your friends. If gaming is not your style, they also supply plenty of comics you can buy to keep you occupied during those 100 degree days.  Even though it may not be the “cool”  everyone is looking for, it is a nice place to build up your geek cred and spend an afternoon in a fantasy all your own.


3 Responses to “Let your geek flag fly!!!”

  1. crystalriverrealty May 27, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

    Nothing like the thrill of going into a gaming store. Your blog is very informative, easy to read, and well written. Now I know where to take my family and friends for “geeking out”.
    Great place for shopping for video games.

  2. arivera17 May 27, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

    Paladins is a great place to get your card game cards and for local tournaments. I’ve been there a couple times to support my friends who have played in eir card tournaments.


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