Get in the game at the Firehouse

22 Apr
lakers vs spurs

The Lakers VS. The Spurs will face off in the first round of the 2013 NBA playoffs.

It’s official the NBA playoffs have begun after an exciting battle for remaining spots.  The LA Lakers needed every last game but they made it in as the 7th seed in the Western Conference.  Laker fans are scattered throughout Bakersfield and there is no better place to watch playoff basketball than at the Firehouse  restaurant located off of Gosford and White Lane.   The Firehouse offers a great environment for Laker fans.

MVP chants are usually heard when Kobe Bryant steps to the line throughout the restaurant.  Kobe is hurt for the remainder of the season, so the Lakers will have to pull together with a team effort in order to win games.  Fans can order food from the Firehouse’s broad menu as well as order a drink from one of the widest bar varieties in town.    Sunday marked the end of the first set of games for the first round of the playoffs with all of the home teams winning their games.  That means the Lakers are down one game to zero.

The Lakers need their fans to pull through for them and the Firehouse is a great place to let the fan spirit pour out.  Fans can also play pool as the restaurant has 18 regulation sized pool tables.  Parents can also bring their children because they have a great arcade section that will surely keep kids entertained.

A good spot for seating is pretty much guaranteed at the Firehouse due to the 20 HD televisions hanging throughout the restaurant.  It would be hard to find a spot where you would not be able to catch a glimpse of the game.  Some of the TVs look as if they should be in a movie theater.  The service is quick and the staff is very friendly.  It is virtually impossible to leave the restaurant unhappy as the restaurant has something for all everyone and all ages.



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