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My Three Thai’s Offer Steamy Delights

30 Apr

Some of the best food in Bakersfield is found at “The Blue Elephant, Finest Authentic Thai Cuisine,”  located at 8200 Stockdale Hwy, Suite M-1.  Their food delights new customers,and old customers alike. You can order online for pick up at http://www.blue-elephant.net or call order to go at (661) 833-8190.

Located at 8200 Stockdale Hwy Suite M-1, Bakersfield CA 93311.

Located at 8200 Stockdale Hwy Suite M-1, Bakersfield CA 93311. (661) 833-8190

The aroma from  Garlic,Yellow Curry with Tofu, and Chicken Fried Rice fills the air.

                                           The aroma of Yellow Curry with Tofu, and Chicken, Garlic Fried Rice fills the air.
Mango Sticky Rice is Succulent Summer Hit

Mango Sticky Rice is a Succulent Summer Delight

Steve and Birdie Del Papa enjoy Chicken Pad Thai and Chicken Basil. A glass of Merlot wine and Mango Sticky Rice for Dessert topped the evening meal.

Great wine, food and atmosphere.

Great wine, food and atmosphere.

Another fine Thai Restaurant is The Orchid Thai Restaurant. Located at 5550 California Avenue, #106, Bakersfield, CA 93309. They have been in this new location for just over one year. Their specialties include Lobster Mac N’ Cheese, Roasted Scottish Salmon, and Seafood Inferno. Orders can be placed online at: http://www.orchidfusioncuisine.com.

New location is 5550 California Ave, #106, Bakersfield, CA 93309

New location is 5550 California Ave, #106, Bakersfield, CA 93309 (661) 864-7979

Chicken Pad Thai is a favorite at most Thai Restaurants. Pad Thai consists of glass noodles, seasoned with delicate herbs and delicious peanut sauce.

Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai

Famous for their decadent desserts, Red Velvet Cake is a favorite at The Thai Orchid.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Last but not least is The Thai Kitchen located at 9901 Hageman Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93312

(661) 589-8678

Thai Kitchen serves authentic Thai cuisine.

Thai Kitchen serves authentic Thai cuisine. Located at 9901 Hageman Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93312

Steamed Veggies and Tofu.

Steamed Veggies and Tofu

Carlos A. Hernandez enjoys his favorite Chicken Pad Thai.

Carlos A. Hernandez enjoys his favorite Chicken Pad Thai.

The restaurant is open for Mon-Thu, Sun 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

A great selection of red or white wine is available.

A great selection of red or white wine is available.


My Favorite Places

28 Apr

Bakersfield does not have the greatest reputation for having a wide variety of entertainment options like San Francisco or Los Angeles. I will not argue there, but one thing that no one can deny is that Bakersfield does have some nice places to go and eat at. Let me be the first to say, that is my favorite thing to do here. I love to go out to eat with my family and friends. My favorite places:

It is located at1201 24th street. This place offers a good Mediterranean menu. They sell kabob plates, sandwiches, Shawerma, and salads. My favorite plate is the Beef Kabob plate.  It is served with a side of beef, rice, salad, hummus, vegetables and a slice of pita bread.


Photo from: (www.flameandskewers.com)

It is located at 1701 New Stine Road. This place serves really good Italian food, and it has a lot of entrée dishes to choose from. It has a creatable appetizers list, different types of soups, salads, pizzas, chicken, fish, seafood, beef, pork and lasagna. But as for me, give me a plate of lasagna and a cold Pepsi on the side, and I am happy.  


Photo from: (/www.menuism.com)

  • Mariscos Las Islitas

It is located at 1301 Chamberlain Ave. Without a doubt, this is my favorite Mexican seafood place. They have tostadas, shrimp, fish, empanadas, fajitas, octopus, cocktails, etc. They have lots of good seafood. I love their cocktails and their tostadas de ceviche. They are the best. But another thing which makes this place so unique, besides the food, is that the Mariachi sometimes plays here on Sundays. We love El Mariachi.

Bites of True Bakersfield

28 Apr

I must admit that I have not tried every restaurant in Bakersfield, and as a man who is not too picky about local restaurants and has a since of adventure when it comes to food, I feel that I have tried my fair share. However, I do believe that I have taken a bite out of what is the best down home eateries that Bakersfield has to offer. Here are my bites of true Bakersfield.

The Crystal Palace Sign

The Crystal Palace Famous Sign http://www.Roadsidepeek.com

  • Buck Owens Crystal Palace. Home of the great singer songwriter the Crystal Palace  is a  museum, night club, and  restaurant  all rolled into one. Carrying fond memories of the late superstar that bares the buildings name, it serves some of the best Southern style cuisine this side of the Rio Grande. A personal favorite of mine is Buck’s chicken fried steak. The Crystal Palace shares the same  belief that my grandfather always said at the dinner table, “if you leave here hungry it’s your own damn fault.”  Believe me, if you came to the Crystal Palace hungry for great food, good music, or for the history of a country music legend  that put Bakersfield on the map you won’t leave there disappointed.
  • Lengthwise Brewing Company.  Opening their first establishment in 1998 and now opening their third restaurant here in Bakersfield. The Bakersfield brew-masters come in a solid second for being an outstanding icon of the city. As if brewing 6 different delicious beers like Lengthwiser Golden Ale, Triple Hop Red Ale,  and Centennial Ale weren’t enough, the brewery also makes seasonal brews as well like Oktoberfest,  Kern County Porter, and coming soon Kern County Crude Scottish Ale. For any of the brew it yourself fans out there these beverages would satisfy their local itch for iconic Bakersfield but Lengthwise also serves a wide variety of  delicious food as well, like their Golden Ale chicken strips, goat cheese stinky fries, and their always popular deep fried Twinkies. I hope Lengthwise’s fame keeps growing all over California because we need more breweries like them.
Famous Dave's Logo http://www.famousdaves.com/

Famous Dave’s Logo http://www.famousdaves.com/

  • Famous Dave’s.  Now I know what you’re thinking, there are so many other local restaurants out there that could  have done a better job picking the number three spot. However, from my personal experience, I say that Famous Dave’s has worked its way into my heart (hopefully my insurance covers it). What made Famous Dave’s earn it’s place in the Bakersfield top three, was their dedication to the idea of setting down to a southern family dinner. I have sat down to eat at Dave’s with people from all across America, even the pickiest eater had no problem with the delectable vittles Dave’s had to offer. From pulled pork on toast, to sweet corn bread, to a variety of different sauces ranging from big and rich to devils spit. All the while you can’t shake the feeling like you are having your dinner at a family reunion. Its hard not to love the home decor and the paper towel racks stocked to the brim for the undoubtedly messy and fun experience that you will ever get served on a trashcan lid.
  •  Fishlips Bar and Grill. An honorable mention goes to one of our fallen heroes in the gastric and nightlife community here in Bakersfield.Fishlips Bar and Grill was a restaurant that was full of life and great food. A place where you could have a cocktail or a meal named after a famous musician (the Eric Clapton burger was a personal favorite of mine). Local bands would come in and perform cover songs from the greats like Jimmy Hendrix or The Doors and its patrons could lose themselves for an few hours  in the sensational music, food, and every type of martini known to man. Sadly Fish lips could not withstand the tragedy of the last 10 years but I hope that all of you reading this have as fond of memories of that great tavern as I do.

That’s it folks, the show is over. If you feel that I am off my mark or that I have missed a deep fried treasure hidden within the valley of Bakersfield and you would like to show me the way.Feel free to reply with a suggestion and if your addition bumps off a raining champion, then it would be a pleasure to literally eat my words.

The Mark Offers a Fresh Take on Dinner and Dancing

20 Apr

With so many restaurants in town how do you choose one that deliver on all of your expectations?  The Mark, a steak and seafood restaurant in downtown Bakersfield, offers a new option to those that like their dinner with a little swinging on the side.

Since its soft opening in August 2012 The Mark treats their diners to a posh dining experience with a full bar area, VIP upstairs loft, and a dance floor next to the live band.  Every Friday and Saturday night from 6:00 – 11:00 pm you can find the second dining area full of laughter and swaying hips as the live band puts on a show. 

“Where in Bakersfield can you find dinner and dancing in one place? This restaurant is our favorite date night location,” Sheina Johnson, 30, said.

Currently The Mark rotates its live band, which include the smooth sounds of Mr. Trimble and the Jazz Connection both local artists.  The music selection is diverse and offers diners the chance to dance to jazz, swing, oldies and contemporary music. 

“It’s something new all the time,” Everardo Vivero, 27, said. “My girlfriend and I can find ourselves dancing to Michael Jackson one minute and full on swing the next.”

The dance floor and live band are located in a second dining room with an accompanying full bar where they serve an extensive wine and cocktail list.  The atmosphere is comfortable with a lounge feel.  You can dine, drink or relax on the leather couches waiting for your favorite song to come on.

 For reservations, restaurant details and full dining lists visit The Mark’s Facebook page.