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Can’t beat the heat? Escape it!

14 Jun

One of the best ways to beat the heat in Bakersfield is to escape it. That does not mean you have to plan elaborate three day trip as far away for Kern County as humanely possible. However, a little alone time is always beneficial to one’s psyche.

Bakersfield is surrounded by quaint towns that are home to many historical pieces within its respective community.

Allensworth is a historical town located roughly 30 minutes North of Bakersfield. This town was originally founded by former slaves on Aug 03, 1908 by Colonel Allen Allensworth.

courtesy of: northstarnews.com

courtesy of: northstarnews.com

This town is now the location of Colonel Allensworth’s State Historic Park. The park has a visiting center that holds tours. Visitors can also camp out on the grounds. Special events are held throughout the year to raise awareness about one of the first all-black communities.

In celebration of Juneteenth, the earliest form of celebration for freeing the slaves, the Allensworth State Historic Park holds an annual event where participants can ride bikes and engage in other activities including entertainment, guest speakers and free tours.

Their annual rededication event will take place on Oct. 12.

According to the park’s website, this event seeks to “renew our commitment to the park and its symbolic representation of self determination for all African-Americans in the areas of education and economic development.”

The City of Tehachapi, though plagued by obscurity,  can be a place for great entertainment when it’s found. After the City Council teamed up with the Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo Association (TMRA) in 2012, the groups improved and began operating the Tehachapi Event Center Rodeo Grounds.

On July 4th, the rodeo grounds will be hosting their annual Bad Bulls Tour. Guest are encouraged to go out and support a cool day and a show filled with clever clowns, raging bulls and the fearless cowboys who ride them. A Patriotic Fireworks Finale will follow the show to honor those served in the military.

courtesy of: liveuptehachapi.com

courtesy of: liveuptehachapi.com

Ticket prices for this event are: $15- at the gate. Special discounts are applicable.



Entertainment just got extreme

19 Apr
Photo courtesy of Skydive Taft's website.

Photo courtesy of Skydive Taft’s website.


Bakersfield’s entertainment value is very minimal when we compare it to cities like Los Angeles or New York. It has a lot to offer its more then 350,000 residents, things such as food, shopping and rich culture. But what if you want to do something extreme or adrenaline filled.

If we venture about 45 minutes outside of Bakersfield to its neighbor Taft, Calif., you will discover Skydive Taft. Yes, skydiving. Many people who have never heard of this place will be very shocked to find out that such an extreme activity is just 45 minutes away from Bakersfield.

I was definitely one of those people before going to Taft College I’d never heard of Skydive Taft. After discovering it I was thoroughly convinced that Kern County did have some hidden gems among the rich agriculture and plethora of oil fields. Though skydiving would never be something I’d try it was interesting to know that an interesting activity was so close to where I lived.

Though I’d never try this adrenaline packed activity, I’m sure many of Kern County residents would participate. So to those who aren’t in the know and are slightly interested, Skydive Taft offers a lot of different options of skydiving depending on how experienced skydiving hopefuls are.

Most people have no experience in skydiving and Skydive Taft is aware of this and offers tandem diving (where you’re strapped to someone who is experienced and jump with them). Experienced jumpers can dive by themselves or with a group of other experienced adrenaline junkies.

The prices of this activity vary, if it’s your first dive you can do a tandem for $189 each, $169 if you’re a student and can provide proof. For a complete list of prices please visit here.

Skydive Taft offers the lowest prices for beginner skydiving in California, considering the sport it is. If this is something that interests you please visit their website for information on how to participate.

Photo courtesy of Skydive Taft's website

Photo courtesy of Skydive Taft’s website

Game Show Updates

19 Apr
Grinder's Burger House.

Grinder’s Burger House.

Game Show is a free event hosted once a month by the  Marriage and Family Center. They have  major sponsors include which include Grinder’s Burger House where the event is held, and the Real Estate Connection helps by providing money for the prizes. The event was inspired by a lot of things. “First of all, both Empty and Center for Improve Advancement have live improves shows that get the audience involved in the show,” Michael Bean the shows host stated. The event has been held four times so far and every time more people show up for the event many bringing friends and family with them. The next time the event is being held is April, 26th at 7pm.  As far as new things coming to the Game Show Michael Bean couldn’t say much but he did tell me that they have just recently got an agreement from a major entertainment venue in town to provide tickets to an activity that he couldn’t yet talk about with me. The event host Michael says that “they are always looking for ways to improve the event by showing more videos in the Show, using music, and trying to increase audience participation.  Currently they are working on finding someone to create a website for the Game Show event to increase their online presence. He hopes that by creating a website it will bring more singles and family to the event. He made sure to emphasize that everyone wins something at the event even if it a free burger from Grinder’s Burger House where the event is held. I plan on going to the event and I hope you decide that this might be something fun to attend in Bakersfield.

Bakersfield Culture Sizzles as Art and Theatre Celebrate 10 years at “The Empty Space”

14 Apr
"Kreative Allusions," by John Kirkeby

“Kreative Allusions,” by John Kirkeby-photo by Wanda Winkler

Bakersfield Culture Sizzles as The Empty Space Art Gallery/Theatre Celebrates Ten Years The Empty Space theatre and art gallery, located at 706 Oak St., is a cultural icon in Bakersfield. It is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary with an exhibit from John Kirkeby called, “Kreative Allusions” and a play called, “Crimes of the Heart,” written by Beth Henley and directed by Bob Kempf. Gallery director, Jesus Fidel, 30, prides the theatre/gallery as beng, “the only totally nonprofit, donation based theatre/gallery in the U.S. run by 20 volunteers 365 days a year,” said Fidel. Each month a different artist is featured in the art gallery and a different play is presented to the public. The plays are usually locally written or off-Broadway shows, with suggested donations of $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors per theatre show. Visiting the gallery exhibit is free and delicious snacks, coffee and wine is available. While the artist reception hours are between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. on weekends, the plays take place in the evenings on weekends. For a schedule of this month’s showings and future events go to www.esonline.org. John Kirkeby, retired from Xerox ten years ago, now has more time to be creative. He is celebrating his second showing at The Empty Space. “I really like the casual atmosphere at this gallery. For my first exhibit I was really nervous and brought 41 paintings and sold only a few. This year I have 21 paintings and they are selling very well,” said Kirkeby. He also has many prints of his artwork to choose from for sale at the gallery. If you are artistic and would like to exhibit your work to the public you can contact Michelle Guerrero, 35, the marketing director at (661) 327-7529. Both Guerrero and Fidel have been with The Empty Space for three years and are always available to answer any questions. If you love art you can also go to the Bakersfield Museum of Art website, www.bmoa.org for more information on  Bakersfield’s hidden art treasures.