People are What Make a Place Great

15 Apr

     It is not uncommon to hear someone in Bakersfield say “There is nothing to do here”.  The truth is that most people do not take the time to look.  Bakersfield offers many things to do for all ages.  Bakersfield looks like an empty town for those whose only experience of Bakersfield is passing through on the Highway 99.  I have lived in Bakersfield since I was born and do not plan on moving anytime soon.  Bakersfield has a small home town feeling but with some perks of a big city. 

     There is a very large music scene in Bakersfield.  Amity Flow is a new local band that recently started playing shows at several locations around town.  The band has become very popular in just a short amount of time.  Drew Thomas Peterson, Patrick Griffith, James Barron, Andrew Whitmore, and Kevin Lundy are the five members of the band.   The band plays a vibrant style of reggae/rock music.  Amity Flow has previously played at several locations such as B-Ryder’s, On the Rocks Bar and Grill, and Narducci’s Café.  The band can be contacted and the schedule can be viewed at the link.

      Since the band is becoming such a big hit they were able to get a spot in the tour “Everybody Loves Everybody Tour” so they can play in other areas of the country.  Amity Flow will be able to spread their music and message to other areas and not just Bakersfield.  If you attend one of Amity Flow’s shows and become interested in the Bakersfield music scene you can view some of the upcoming events at the link.

     Bakersfield is home to many unique and talented people and people are what make a place wonderful.  Everyone might not love Bakersfield as much as I do but it would be a lie to say there is nothing to do in Bakersfield.


One Response to “People are What Make a Place Great”

  1. MultimediaJen April 19, 2013 at 10:11 am #

    I have not yet heard Amity Flow – I’ll have to check them out! You never know when a band is going to make it big from Bakersfield (i.e. Korn and Adema). We gotta be able to say “We saw them when …”

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