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Run Forrest Run!

20 Apr

California State University, Bakersfield is hosting a “5K Run/Walk” as part of the Celebrate CSUB week on campus.  The race is taking place on Saturday, April 27 at 8 a.m.  The race will start at the Student Recreation Center, and then go through the CSUB campus, and end back at the Student Recreation Center.  The cost is $20 for the April 22, 8a.m. pre-registration deadline, and $22 on race day.  The cost includes a T-shirt, a post-race breakfast, and a raffle ticket that will put you in the running to win prizes.  The race is available to CSUB students and anyone else in the community who would like to run.  Kris Grappendorf, the race organizer and contact person said CSUB is hosting the race to a provide a community event that brings the community on campus, and that encourages people to be active.

“The proceeds of the race go to CSUB’s Department of Physical Education & Kinesiology,” said Grappendorf.  The 5K race is part of the annual “Celebrate CSUB” week that the school has every Spring quarter.  “We’ve done it every year that we have had Celebrate CSUB.  I believe six years” said Grappendorf.

Student Recreation Center worker and Physical Education & Kinesiology major Anthony Hilario will be working at the race for the second straight year.  Hilario, a 23-year-old senior year at CSUB will assist runners who are registering for the race on race day, he will direct runners where to run in the actual race, and he will be at a booth after the race.  When talking about his job in the race Hilario said, “Basically maneuver the race to run smoothly.”

For more information about the race, or to sign up for the race call Kris Grappendorf at (661) 654-2378 or email her at kgrappendorf@csub.edu.


A Healthy and Fun Way to Spend Your Saturday!

19 Apr
Out of fun ideas to do on your weekend off? How about switching up your boring grocery shopping routine and making a fun afternoon out of it! Next time you are about to visit one of your local grocery stores, post pone that trip until every Saturday during the year to visit our Bakersfield Farmer’s Market! A Farmer’s Market is usually held outdoors, in public spaces, where farmers can sell produce directly to the public. This market is geared towards making a fun place for family members and friends to spend a relaxing afternoon getting healthy, fresh goods in the beautiful sunshine. Bakersfield’s Brimhall Farmer’s Market is held every Saturday on 9500 Brimhall Road starting at 9 a.m. and it doesn’t finish until 1 p.m.

This is a photo of the Bakersfield Farmer's Market open to public every Saturday afternoon. The Market is located on the corner of Brimhall and Calloway. (Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/brimhallmarket)

This is a photo of the Bakersfield Farmer’s Market open to public every Saturday afternoon. The Market is located on the corner of Brimhall and Calloway. (Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/brimhallmarket)

In Kern County our number of Farmer’s Markets has tripled since 2003 to last year’s count of 18. Nationwide there has been a steady upward climb to 7,175,  to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Kern County’s Farmer’s Market is thriving, floundering and has been providing service to the public for 30 years now, and they are open to the public year round. The goods these market’s offer include a variety of items: fresh, honey, fish, poultry, okra, plums, tomatoes, black berries, cherries, blueberries, melons, peaches, cheeses, juices, jams, freshly made artisan bread, healthy snacks, and holistic dog treats. It is such a great atmosphere to come out even just to walk around and enjoy the afternoon. I personally love watching customers swapping recipes for their peach salsa or their grandma’s secret, fresh apple pie. The time slot on Saturday mornings is considered a prime slot for publicity and visibility to the public. Farmer’s are usually willing to make deals for buying in bulk and will heavily discount as the end of the market approaches. That is something you can’t do at your local grocery store and that helps keep the steady line of customers coming back every Saturday. “Government programs also encourage farmers’ market attendance among low-income residents. Each year, the USDA provides WIC with a limited number of checks that can be used like cash at markets with approved vendors.” (Kelli Schmitt, Bakersfield Californian) This helps ensure that the Farmer’s Market is readily available to anyone who is willing to spice up their grocery shopping and come out on a sunny afternoon on their weekend off to enjoy some authentic, locally grown veggies, produce, and more!

Finding Treasures in Bakersfield is Easier Than You Think

15 Apr

Have you ever wondered where your friend or neighbor got that really amazing piece of furniture or piece of clothing for that super great deal? Look no further other than right in your own town, Bakersfield. Located downtown are several locally owned antique boutiques that offer a huge variety of items that range in all different prices. My dad rents one of the many spaces that are available in Forget Me Not Antiques, located downtown on 19th street. Each booth is run by the store workers, but the booth is kept up by the renter/ owner of the items. Many people like my father, go yard selling every Saturday to find their treasures, and others accumulate theirs through deceased relatives or older relatives that have kept their precious items for years and years.

This picture shows some of the items that are for sale in downtown Bakersfield. (Photo Credit: http://forgetmenotantiqueboutique.weebly.com/)

This picture shows some of the items that are for sale in downtown Bakersfield. (Photo Credit: http://forgetmenotantiqueboutique.weebly.com/)

These stores appeal to all ages whether you are looking for an old vintage piece of clothing or furniture, or hand made baby clothes. The possibilities are endless and there is an item for everyone. The best part about these antique store is that most of the owners of the booths are willing to bargain and negotiate their prices. This helps both you and the vendor settle on a fair price and both people can leave happy. Woolworths is another popular antique store that has been around for decades that even offers an old time burger joint located right inside the building. You can enjoy the 50’s atmosphere while listening to music of that era and watching your server make your burger and fries right in front of you while twirling in their poodle skirt! So on  your next weekend off when you are up for an adventure, take a stroll downtown and visit one of these antique stores, and I guarantee you won’t leave empty handed!