Up In Smoke

28 Apr

Many people are still under the impression that Bakersfield is just a small-town city with nothing to do. Maybe that is true for people who choose to stay inside their own homes, but for those who are willing to step outside of their bubble, Bakersfield has plenty of sources of entertainment. Bakersfield has a variety of different options. The only limits are those that people choose to place on themselves.

Inside King Tut Hookah Lounge. (photo courtesy of www.yelp.com)

Inside King Tut Hookah Lounge. (photo courtesy of http://www.yelp.com)

  •             King Tut Hookah Lounge, located at 10606 Hageman Rd., is one of Bakersfield’s best hookah bars. Doubling as a restaurant, this place offers plenty to eat and drink. King Tut is a Mediterranean restaurant that serves courses from mouth-watering salad to perfectly seasoned grilled chicken, served over rice with a side of fresh vegetables to match. Guests can choose to dine inside, or choose a relaxing spot on the patio. Open from 11am-2am on Monday through Wednesday and Sunday and 11a.m.-4a.m. Thursday through Saturday, King Tut offers live music and entertainment for the 18-and-older crowd. At about $10-$15 a plate and frequent offers of $5 for hookah, King Tut is sure to have something to satisfy people’s taste.

    An inside look at Flame and Skewers. (photo by www.archinect.com)

    An inside look at Flame and Skewers. (photo by http://www.archinect.com)

  •             Flame and Skewers is another popular hookah lounge in Bakersfield. Located at 5482 California Ave., this hookah bar also doubles as a restaurant. With a menu that serves sandwiches starting at just $5 and their mouthwatering combination plate that consists of three different types of meat, flavorful rice, and fresh vegetables at about $14, Flame and Skewers offers plenty of food for the family. For those who are 18 and over, Flame and Skewers also has a hookah bar. With nearly 40 different types of shisha flavors, friends can enjoy hookah for hours. At about $13 per hookah, guests can choose to either relax on the patio, or enjoy the black light lounge with plenty of music from live DJ’s. With its restaurant portion open from 10a.m. until 10p.m. every night and its hookah lounge open passed 2a.m., people can expect to see a packed crowd at Flame and Skewers.
  •             One of the most popular hookah bars in Bakersfield is Elixir. Located at 1110 Calloway Dr., this hookah bar knows how to reel in a crowd. Open from 11a.m. until 2a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11a.m. until 4a.m. on Friday and Saturday, Elixir keeps packing people in. Their menu boasts sandwiches and salads bursting with flavor, starting at about $3. Drinks are also provided to guests starting at just over $1. People coming by to check out this hookah lounge can expect music from live DJ’s and plenty of different shisha flavors to keep everyone satisfied.
The entrance of Elixir Hookah Lounge. (photo courtesy of www.elixirhookah.com)

The entrance of Elixir Hookah Lounge. (photo courtesy of http://www.elixirhookah.com)


One Response to “Up In Smoke”

  1. MultimediaJen May 9, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    I love F&S! For the food … I’ve never smoked a hookah in Bakersfield 🙂 But the shawarma is delicious!

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