Beat the heat at the Bakersfield Museum of Art

18 May
Bakersfield Art Museum (Courtesy of Google Images)

Bakersfield Museum of Art (Courtesy of Google Images)

The Bakersfield Museum of Art has been around since 1956 but was re-established in 1990. The museum is widely known and is a great place to go to beat the heat. With all the hot weather in Bakersfield, the indoor museum is a great escape and a great place to appreciate different works of art with cultural diversity. It is not only inspirational but also educational and has four primary exhibitions with emphasis on cultural diversity. Admission varies with age and prices are as follows: Members get in for free, adults get in for $5.00, seniors above the age of 65 get in for $4.00, and students get in for $2.00.  Unfortunately, child prices are not listed.

The Bakersfield Museum of Art also offers different art education programs, workshops, and tours dedicated to children and adults. Furthermore, they also offer to bring the museum to any class room with a program named Museum on the Move, specifically for students. This is where a museum instructor will bring an educational presentation that informs students of artists and significant art movements. They also offer a program named Art Smart that takes fine arts to culturally isolated districts in Kern County.

Members of the museum are able to host several different activities, receive discounts on merchandise, get invitations to special events and are able to attend all workshops. Volunteers are always welcome and have the access to be behind the scenes of exhibitions and  are also able to meet artists. It is open Tuesday through Friday 10am-4pm and Saturday through Sunday 12pm-4pm. It is located at 1930 R Street. Bakersfield, Ca 93301 and contact information can be found at


One Response to “Beat the heat at the Bakersfield Museum of Art”

  1. AthenaStayBeautiful June 14, 2013 at 7:45 pm #

    I never would have considered beating the heat at the art museum. Great and enlightening post! That’s such a wonderful idea.

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