14 Jun

To make the best summer vacation here in Bakersfield you can do various things from hang out with friends, spending time with family, and just being home doing nothing. But when you are with friends and family what are you suppose to do?

In Bakersfield you can have fun by going to all the parks here in Bakersfield. Spend a day at the park can be fun for everyone! You can have the kids play on the playgrounds and have the teens and adults play sports like flag football, soccer, and basketball, if they have the courts.

You can also go out to watch movies here! Maya theaters is one of the better theaters here. They have reasonable prices and can great movie theater seats. Their chairs can tilt back! Maya theater is a great place to everyone to enjoy!

Another thing you can do here in Bakersfield is to eat out at all the great restaurants here in Bakersfield. We even have some great local restaurants like Luigi’s and Happy Jacks. These are some of the best locally owned restaurants here in Bakersfield. Great places to eat. I highly recommend Happy Jack’s peanut butter pie!

So there are many different things here in Bakersfield that you can enjoy during the summer. So go out and have fun!


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