A Place To Be A Kid!

11 May

Chuck E. Cheese is a place to be a kid. Everyone and anyone is allowed to go to Chuck E. Cheese. This place has many games, fun tunnels kids, and adults can enjoy with their time there.




Not only does Chuck E. Cheese allow anyone to come and play but also, people can throw parties there. Chuck E. Cheese is very good at keeping an eye on children that enter and leave the premises. The parent/ guardian has to get a stamp when entering Chuck E. Cheese. When its time to go the worker must check to see that they have the same stamp and that the parent/ guardian is not leaving with someone else’s child.


There are not many options of food, but Chuck E. Cheese has one of the best pizzas served in Bakersfield. Along with serving pizza, Chuck E. Cheese has desserts, beverages, candy, and a salad bar.


Inside Chuck E. Cheese, there are many games waiting to be played, tunnels ready to be crawled through, and food ready to be eaten! Kids and adults love to go to Chuck E. Cheese just to get away sometimes and enjoy the fun. Being a grown up is not always about being serious, joking and playing is a reliever and Chuck E. Cheese definitely helps out with having fun and enjoying oneself.


Sometimes the only thing that will stop a kid from enjoying themselves is being scared of Chucky or any of the other characters. Chuck E. Cheese is great, but sometimes you can’t ruin your visit and stay for too long!


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