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Discover our Solar System at the Planetarium

11 May
West view of Planetarium located at BC College

West view of Planetarium located at BC College Courtesy of Bakersfield College

The William M. Thomas Planetarium is a great place to visit for both adults and children interested in learning more about planets, our solar system, or constellations. The Planetarium has been open since 1962 and is equipped with a go to Chronos star projector that produces a star field on a 36 foot dome. There is individual seating for up to 72 people and the dome in which things are projected on is the biggest in all the central valley. Those who attend also have the chance to ask the resident astronomer Nick Strobel, and questions regarding the show.

Group seating must be reserved ahead of time and tickets should also always be purchased ahead of time at bakersfieldcollege.edu/planetarium. Shows are approximately one hour long and tickets for adults cost $6.50 and seniors and children 5-12 get in for just $4.50. All evening shows begin at 7:30, doors open at 7 and you are able to sit anywhere you want. No food or drinks are allowed in the Planetarium and children must be 5 years of age or older. Morning shows for groups are Tuesdays and Thursday mornings. The Planetarium is also always open for field trips by reservation.

The Planetarium is located on The Bakersfield College campus on the second floor in the northwest end of the math/science building room 112. The address is Bakersfield College 1801 Panorama Drive, Bakersfield, Ca 93305. For any questions contact 661-395-4526. If you are interested in getting to know more about our solar system, astrology, or space then the Planetarium is the right place for you.


Get a job. Career fairs are fun

29 Apr

CSUB Dance Marathon

26 Apr

Going to event for charities is something that I do. I have even done 5k runs for charity what makes this event important is that the Children’s hospital is ran only on donations. While this event was one way we tried to raise money for the children’s hospital they do accept donations year round and depend on other’s kindness to help children in need.

The first thing you see when entering the CSUB Student Union for the Dance Marathon.

The first thing you see when entering the CSUB Student Union for the Dance Marathon.


Far left: Robert Hamilton, 24. Center left: Kristen Falls, 22. Center Right: Mickey Redd Jr. 22. Far right: Elizabeth Provencio, 22. CSUB choir members kick off the event with a few songs.

Phi Sigma Sigma getting down on the dance floor

Ashira Wallace, 21, making card for the miracle childen

Andrew Morales, 2, being held by his mother Andrea Sandal and posing with the CSUB Mascot

Erik, 8, stands next to his mother a miracle child that has a rare condition that causes tumors in his blood yet he still plays baseball. His brother Justin,3, is also a miacle child and is being held by their dad.

Erik, 8, stands next to his mother a miracle child that has a rare condition that causes tumors in his blood yet he still plays baseball. His brother Justin,3, is also a miracle child and is being held by their dad.


Rosie and Michael Gonzalez. Michael is 16 months old and is a miracle child.


Another fun event at the Dance Marathon was a eating contest Adriana, 19 vs. Hector, 20.


Adriana vs. Hector in the eating contest


The Just Dance 4 group consisted of Alejandra, 18 (left), Carrie Swideki, 36, and world record holder for Just Dance 4 (left center), Blanca, 21 (right center) and Jacob Terrazus, 22 (right).


Emily Poole, 31 (Left), Hilda Nieblas, 23 (center) and Ruby Alvarez, 27 (right) this event wouldn’t have been possible without these women working hard to make it happen for the miracle children and thier families

By the end of the event only 56 students remained but it was for a good cause and I would so do it again next year.

Bakersfield Museum of Art Spring 2013 Exhibitions are Intoxicating

21 Apr


Bakersfield Museum of Art Presents WINESCAPES Thursday May 2, 2013

Bakersfield Museum of Art Presents WINESCAPES Thursday May 2, 2013

Spring Exhibitions are from March 28, 2013 to June 9th, 2013. For more information go to http://www.bmoa.org.

Come one come all to the Winescapes–A taste of Bakersfield Museum of Art on May 2, 2013, “for wine tasting, gourmet hors d’oeuvres, a special auction of original wine-themed art and much more…”

Scott Johnson, 63, born and raised in Bakersfield, is a member of the Bakersfield Museum of Art. Johnson’s Rotary Club “meets here once a week,” said Johnson and he tells all of his friends what exhibits are in town. They are looking forward to Winescapes and other exhibits.

Vacancy: Paintings by Matt Condron


90 DEGREES IN THE SHADE-Oil on canvas by Matt Condron

When does a painting look like a photograph? When Matt Condron paints it. Curatorial assistant, Rachel Magnus, 28, California State University, Bakersfield Art/History 2012 graduate, is a docent at the museum and has met artist Condron.

“I think it is fascinating that you can mentally place yourself in the chairs and bring yourself back into ‘a memory’. Matt’s paintings are relatable to everyone.” said Magnus. “Matt has no formal painting or drawing training–he studied photography. By painting empty locations of distinct time periods, the subject becomes viewer and their response to the work. You are the subject looking into these spaces, taking in the experience. Why Chairs? Because according to Condron, they ‘symbolize humans,'” said Magnus. Nostalgia and solitude are abundant in this wonderful exhibit. “Matt Condron has painted unoccupied objects with reverence for his subject and astonishing technical prowess. His painstakingly rendered images of vacant chairs invite the viewers to share a moment of quiet with him.” (Bakersfield Museum of Art)

Condron currently lives and works in Portland, OR. but has a website for more information: www.mattcondron.com or

For more information contact www.bmoa.org

Game Show Updates

19 Apr
Grinder's Burger House.

Grinder’s Burger House.

Game Show is a free event hosted once a month by the  Marriage and Family Center. They have  major sponsors include which include Grinder’s Burger House where the event is held, and the Real Estate Connection helps by providing money for the prizes. The event was inspired by a lot of things. “First of all, both Empty and Center for Improve Advancement have live improves shows that get the audience involved in the show,” Michael Bean the shows host stated. The event has been held four times so far and every time more people show up for the event many bringing friends and family with them. The next time the event is being held is April, 26th at 7pm.  As far as new things coming to the Game Show Michael Bean couldn’t say much but he did tell me that they have just recently got an agreement from a major entertainment venue in town to provide tickets to an activity that he couldn’t yet talk about with me. The event host Michael says that “they are always looking for ways to improve the event by showing more videos in the Show, using music, and trying to increase audience participation.  Currently they are working on finding someone to create a website for the Game Show event to increase their online presence. He hopes that by creating a website it will bring more singles and family to the event. He made sure to emphasize that everyone wins something at the event even if it a free burger from Grinder’s Burger House where the event is held. I plan on going to the event and I hope you decide that this might be something fun to attend in Bakersfield.

Relay for Life…Coming to Bakersfield May 4th!

15 Apr


Student leaders from California State University, Bakersfield’s Greek Life Organizations Kappa Sigma Fraternity and Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority as well as student leaders from other CSUB campus organizations participate during the evening events. (Photo Source: facebook.com/bakersfieldrelay)

Many people say that there is nothing to do here in Bakersfield. To say that, especially during the spring quarter, should be a crime. Considering that Bakersfield made “the list for top ten shopaholic cites” in the United States,  it is safe to say that shopping is usually a safe bet! However, as entertaining as the indecision what pair of jeans you are going to take can be, maybe you are looking for a more enriching experience.

If that is the case, then Relay for Life is the event of the year for you!  The American Cancer Society is hosting Relay for Life Event at Wingspoint on the corner of Merle Haggard Rd. and Airport Drive on May 4th 2013. Relay for Life’s website describes the event as an “organized, overnight community fundraising walk, [where] teams of people camp out around a track, members of each team take turns walking around the track, food, games and activities provide entertainment and build camaraderie, [and] family-friendly environment for the entire community.” According to an article by The Bakersfield Californian, “Bakersfield Relay for Life raised more than $2.1 million for cancer-related causes…,” in 2012.

Previous participants suggest summer clothing during the day and warm clothing during the evening, especially before going to sleep, as it can get cold during the night going into the morning. Erwin Hernandez, 18, participated in Delano’s Relay for Life. He suggests that participants wear bright colors. He also plans on participating in Bakersfield’s Relay for life, “…to represent Delano’s Relay for Life.”


I am currently a Communications Major Psychology Minor at California State University, Bakersfield. I can be contacted via email at fmlsr11@yahoo.com OR via twitter with the twitter handle @Seraphi89

Bakersfield Fun for all but limited by age

14 Apr

Some say there is nothing to do in Bakersfield. This is true for some while there are things here for kids it is very limited. We have Game Show thought the marriage and family counselling center but this is a once a month event. We also have parks but not all parks have good people hanging out in them. We also have California Animal Living Museum but not everyone can afford to go there all the time. What we do lack is an amusement park and a water park. For people without kids or people who like to go to bars there are some bands that play at bars one of which I know is Deedra Patrick who will be performing during A Night of Blues. For those of us who enjoy a good play we have Stars Theater and the Empty Space theater. Yes we have a mall even if it is rather small. In Bakersfield we only have one small Museum located in downtown that is only open Thursday thru Saturday. We have bowling and movies but why people say there is nothing to do in Bakersfield it is because Bakersfield is slow to get anything new. While we do have the Fair every year it costs about the same as a trip to Magic Mountain which is more fun anyways and Magic Mountain has more rides than the Kern County Fair. While Bakersfield is half the size of Los Angeles we lack a lot of the thing that other cities have that we do not have. It is said that Bakersfield is a big city with a small town mentality and I believe it is time for Bakersfield to get some more fun stuff like a water park.