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Card players gather for Magic: The Gathering

15 Jun

Russo’s Bookstore is known to hold an array of events to attract more business by giving the community a place to bond over a common interest.

This Friday I watched over the guys and girls as they engaged countless hours of mental dexterity.

Click here to see The Gathering!


Can’t beat the heat? Escape it!

14 Jun

One of the best ways to beat the heat in Bakersfield is to escape it. That does not mean you have to plan elaborate three day trip as far away for Kern County as humanely possible. However, a little alone time is always beneficial to one’s psyche.

Bakersfield is surrounded by quaint towns that are home to many historical pieces within its respective community.

Allensworth is a historical town located roughly 30 minutes North of Bakersfield. This town was originally founded by former slaves on Aug 03, 1908 by Colonel Allen Allensworth.

courtesy of: northstarnews.com

courtesy of: northstarnews.com

This town is now the location of Colonel Allensworth’s State Historic Park. The park has a visiting center that holds tours. Visitors can also camp out on the grounds. Special events are held throughout the year to raise awareness about one of the first all-black communities.

In celebration of Juneteenth, the earliest form of celebration for freeing the slaves, the Allensworth State Historic Park holds an annual event where participants can ride bikes and engage in other activities including entertainment, guest speakers and free tours.

Their annual rededication event will take place on Oct. 12.

According to the park’s website, this event seeks to “renew our commitment to the park and its symbolic representation of self determination for all African-Americans in the areas of education and economic development.”

The City of Tehachapi, though plagued by obscurity,  can be a place for great entertainment when it’s found. After the City Council teamed up with the Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo Association (TMRA) in 2012, the groups improved and began operating the Tehachapi Event Center Rodeo Grounds.

On July 4th, the rodeo grounds will be hosting their annual Bad Bulls Tour. Guest are encouraged to go out and support a cool day and a show filled with clever clowns, raging bulls and the fearless cowboys who ride them. A Patriotic Fireworks Finale will follow the show to honor those served in the military.

courtesy of: liveuptehachapi.com

courtesy of: liveuptehachapi.com

Ticket prices for this event are: $15- at the gate. Special discounts are applicable.


Volunteers make the world go ’round

14 Jun

Volunteering is a past time that never gets old. Many people who are unfamiliar with volunteering may view it as a daunting, time-consuming task that offers no benefits. That idea is misguided.

American Red Cross Disaster Relief group Kern County- google.com

American Red Cross Disaster Relief group
Kern County- google.com

Former California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) student Leah Foster said, “Originally, I started volunteering as a part of my community service class for CSUB, but I liked it so much that I kept going back, even after CSUB kicked me out.”

Contrary to what some pessimists may believe, volunteering can yield many rewards. The best part about getting involved in your community is the sense of togetherness that can be established. Volunteering just once a week is enough to make a difference in the lives of people who are crave companionship.

A personal favorite of mine would have to be the American Red Cross. They offer many fields for potential volunteers to choose from. Bakersfield residents interested in this non-profit organization can contact their local Red Cross chapter to learn about positions in Disaster Relief through Case Management.

Another way to get involved is by donating time at the Boy’s and Girls’ Club of Kern County.

 CSU Bakersfield Athletic Communications The CSUB Baseball team and the CSUB Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) have teamed up with Terrio Fitness, The Boys and Girls Club of Kern County and Frosty's Forest for the Roadrunner Holiday Challenge.

CSU Bakersfield Athletic Communications The CSUB Baseball team and the CSUB Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) have teamed up with Terrio Fitness, The Boys and Girls Club of Kern County and Frosty’s Forest for the Roadrunner Holiday Challenge.

This is a great place to try to volunteer at. Like the Red Cross, the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Kern County has an array of ideas that would positively develop the youth of this community.

The Boys’ and Girls’ Club can also double as a “baby-sitter” for children during the times when parents wish to regain their sanity.  Parents can bring their kids to a fun environment where they can socialize freely with other children, as long as they are within the rules and regulations of the organization.

Some suggested ways to give back to the community were listed on the official website. Volunteers can: offer assistance in homework, teach a teen a new hobby or craft, join outings as a Field Trip Assistant, or coach a sports team.

Not only does volunteering present the chance to make another person feel good; but it also leads to invaluable life lessons,  real-world experience and the chance to leave your stamp on the world.

Cupcakes, anyone?

14 Jun

  I’m not too big on cupcakes. As a matter of fact, I didn’t like them at all before someone brought me a cupcake from Cupcakes ~N~Crema. My logic was “Hey, If I’m going to enjoy a delicious pastry, why not go all out and get a cake? I don’t have time for cupcakes that all taste the same.”

  Never have I ever been so wrong.

Cupcakes~N~Crema, located at 4715 Coffee Road, Suite D is not your average cupcake shop. It's better.

Cupcakes~N~Crema, located at 4715 Coffee Road, Suite D is not your average cupcake shop. It’s better.

   The delectable creations formed at Cupcakes ~N~Crema transcend the title of “cupcake.”

  Now, I know what you’re thinking: “This guy is getting way too excited about miniature pastries.”

  The excitement is warrented, though. For most of my life, my only encounters with cupcakes were at birthday parties and small gatherings, where tasteless Vons and Albertson’s cupcakes had a stranglehold on the sweets department. They offer a wide variety of unique flavors such as vanilla and chocolate.

  Cupcakes ~N~Crema offers even more than that, with flavors like Maple Bacon, Bananas Foster, Pink Champagne, and Blueberry Cheesecake. The flavors rotate everyday, and the menu for the day is announced on their Facebook page, which you can see here: https://www.facebook.com/CupcakesNCrema. Supply is limited and the demand is high, so it’s best to hurry in, seeing as they close as soon as their daily inventory runs out!

  I’m not the only one raving about this place. Check out the reviews on Yelp! which you can read here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/cupcakes-n-crema-bakersfield.

  Cupcakes ~N~Crema is located at 4715 Coffee Road, Suite D.

X Marks the Spot

13 Jun

Geocaching is modern day treasure hunting. The outdoor recreational activity can provide plenty of fun and entertainment for those who are looking for something new and interesting to partake in.

Firstly, treasure seekers typically use GPS through their mobile devices or a receiver in order to locate geocaches. Caches contain hidden treasures and a log to keep records of geocachers and the date the found the cache. If a treasure is removed, a new treasure of equal or more value must replace it. The goal is to trade items. You take something with you and leave something behind, like leaving your mark.

Caches are generally contained in pill bottles, military ammunition boxes, Tupperware and/or other storage containers. Little trinkets await whoever finds them.

Photo by: Athena Skapinakis It's always fun to find random objects in caches.

Photo by: Athena Skapinakis
It’s always fun to find random objects in caches.

The coolest aspect of geocaching is that you’re finding something that someone else—someone you’ve never met but are now connected with—has left behind. You make your mark by entering your name or team name in a log with the date you found the cache.

There are caches everywhere and all over to find. It’s truly fascinating to look through the cache and examine the wondrous objects left behind by others for you to find. Bakersfield has several caches that you can find.

I suggest using this website http://www.geocaching.com/ to get started and learn more. To find others interested in geocaching with you, visit this page.  If you have a Smartphone, you can download the app by Groundspeak Inc. for $9.99 and it has great features and functions to aid your quest. It will show nearby caches, track your progress with interactive maps or compass view and more.

Geocaching can be thrilling and adventurous. It can also challenge you with obscure clues and messages left by others. It’s definitely a fun way to enjoy your day or evening if you’re tight on money and need something to do with friends. Best of luck, treasure seekers!

Kern County goes nuts!

13 Jun

  This Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Kern County will be holding its first annual Nut Festival.  This event was created and hosted by the Kern County Museum to help bring together Kern County residents and educate them about the tasty and healthy benefits of the various nuts grown locally.

Banner promoting the upcoming Nut Festival

Banner promoting the upcoming Nut Festival

This nut festival is a great way for friends and families of all ages to have some fun. June 14th, there will be a special VIP event just for adults. The next day, adults can bring their youth back to the museum to enjoy more family-friendly activities.

 Bakersfield resident and Nut Festival attendant Maci Atkins said, “I enjoy the Nut Fest every year, and I’ve been going for the past five years and I can’t for this weekend.”

  Events to take place include a “Run with Nuts,” where participants run a mile and back down Kern River Parkway Bike trail. Festival goers can also look forward to stage performances, art exhibitions, and culinary instructions taught by celebrity chefs. 

The nut festival also benefits organizations that seek to promote their cause as well as give back to the community. Though, most of the revenue will go to the Kern County Museum Foundation, non-profit organizations can gain revenue through volunteering or vending.

Not only can families grow closer, but they can work together to serve the less fortunate.

  Chair of the Kern County Museum Foundation Bob Lerude said in a Nut Festival promotion, “We are so excited about the Kern County Nut Festival and the impact it will have on our community; Not only will it be a fun, entertaining community event, but it will enable local non-profits to benefit as well, all the while supporting the educational efforts of the Kern County Museum.”

By Henry A. Barrios / The Californian

By Henry A. Barrios / The Californian

Besides the Kern County Museum, other organizations and corporations participating during the upcoming weekend include: the Bakersfield Police Department, Kern Community Foundation, Bakersfield Museum of Art (which I didn’t know existed), Memorial Hospital, and Kern County Environmental Health.

  The Kern County Museum is located on Chester Ave. Pre-sale tickets are $10 for adults, five dollars for kids (5- 12), and free for kids under four. At the gate ticket prices increase  by two dollars.

For more information about the Kern County Nut Festival or sponsorship information, contact Sheryl Barbich at
661.301.6763 or Beth Pandol 661.302.8171.


What to do when Bakersfield turns up the Heat

13 Jun

The Bakersfield heat has been known to drench its residents in sweat and give an overwhelming sense of desperation to escape. With the summer approaching quickly, all you will want to do is douse yourself with these three ways to beat the heat.

1. Just Keep Swimming

photo by: Athena Skapinakis

Hanging pool side with friends is an excellent way to beat the heat in Bakersfield.

In this town, the struggle is real. As the sun beats down upon you, it’s a true wonder that the sun hasn’t melted you yet. You need SPF 45 just to stay alive. The best way to beat the heat in Bakersfield is to cannonball right into your pool if you have one. If you don’t have a swimming pool to call your own, you may have to find a friend that does or venture out to Buena Vista Lake. It’s a short drive away and the parking fee is cheap if you’d like to take a group of friends out for a good time.

You can check out BV Lake’s facebook page here

2. Scream for Ice Cream

Image by flickr.com Everyone loves ice cream on a hot day.

Image by flickr.com
Everyone loves ice cream on a hot day.

There are so many places you can get your ice cream fix around Bakersfield. One of my favorite choices is your neighborhood’s local ice cream man or the ‘La Rosa Man’ who sells those delectable Mexican popsicles. If you’d rather not wait around for either men and don’t have their pop-by schedules memorized you can head down to Dewar’s, Cold Stone’s, Baskin Robbins, RiteAid or a Sno Shack nearest you. Nothing cools you down like icy yumminess.

For a list of various ice cream places in Bakersfield, click here

3. Netflix, the AC and the wardrobe

Image by: Netflix.com Netflix is a wonderful way to relax, beat the heat and bond with others.

Image by: Netflix.com
Netflix is a wonderful way to relax, stay out of the heat and bond with others.

Power your air conditioner on, throw on some light and breathable comfies and plop yourself how you see fit on your couch. Netflix’s streaming plan is only $7.99 month (and another $7.99 if you’re interested in the DVD plan as well). The instant streaming can offer a wide variety of movies and tv shows. You can find some real treasures with independent films, foreign films and the plethora of tv shows that Netflix has to offer. It’s all very easy to use, and it’s ideal for those days you don’t feel like wandering outside your house to get fried by the Bakersfield sun.

Click this link to sign up for your own Netflix account.