China Town Buffet, a place to eat like an emperor

31 May

China Town Buffet during dinner hours. (Credit

China Town Buffet during dinner hours. (Credit

China Town buffet is a Chinese restraint that is located on the corner of California ave. and Oak street. The restaurant is a great place to go if you are craving for a big meal. People who got there are usually people who want to eat a lot for a low cost. You typically pay $10 for an all you can eat experience.

The food there at China Town Buffet are those typically at a Chinese restaurant. You find food such as orange chicken, cheese wontons, fried rice and etc. but not only do there care Chinese food, but they also have other styles of food. They have food such as grilled salmon, pizza, chicken nuggets, and sushi.

The main specialties as China Town Buffet are there seafood dinners. For diner tie they serve an all you can eat seafood buffet which includes crap legs. A lot of people come here to eat the crap legs because people see it as a gourmet food.

If you need some help in trying to see how good it is here are some reviews on China Town Buffet.If your looking for a good place to eat out with out with family or friends, or go out for a special occasion like a graduation celebration. China Town Buffet is a nice place to eat while not spending a lot of money.


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