Enjoy Unique Mexican Dishes!

14 Jun

Molcahete is a really popular Mexican restaurant which offers a lot of different types of Mexican dishes. This particular dish is called Chimichangas, which are rolled and fried flour tortillas that have cheese and meat on the inside.

Photo taken by el-molcajete.com

Molcasalsa is a small Mexican restaurant, but it also offers good foods. Carne asada fries is a well-known dish that many people order. Carne asada fries are fries combined with pieces of meat and cheese along with other toppings. The ingredients and all the toppings make it a very delicious and unique dish.

Photo taken by http://www.reddit.com

Photo taken by mustangdaily.net

Que pasa is the most popular Mexican restaurant in Bakersfield. Enchiladas is one of the best dishes offered. The sauce and the ingredients make it a unique dish!


One Response to “Enjoy Unique Mexican Dishes!”

  1. AthenaStayBeautiful June 14, 2013 at 7:43 pm #

    This made me soooo hungry! There’s nothing better than good Mexican food. You took some great pictures for your post!

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