Bakersfield Blaze Open at Home

4 May
Bakersfield Blaze (Courtesy of

Bakersfield Blaze
(Courtesy of

On Thursday night the 11 of April, the Bakersfield Blaze, a local class A minor league baseball team whose record currently stands at 0-8, were defeated by the Stockton Ports 10 to 3. The game was the home opener for the Blaze at Sam Lynn Ballpark, managed by former Major league Baseball player Ken Griffey Sr. It was announced that there were 1,023 fans in attendance.

The Blaze are off to a rocky start after winning the California League north division title in 2012. Ken Griffey Sr. has been the manager for the past couple of seasons and has shown to be beneficial fr the minor league team. Sam Lynn Ballpark is located on North Chester Avenue and tickets prices range from $7 to $9 depending on the seats. The food at the Blaze games is good because they offer a variety of items including signature items with sides, beverages, and deserts. Although the Blaze is struggling, it is still supported by the local fans of Bakersfield.

David Morales, 17, and his brother Onicx Morales, 16, are both high school students from Bakersfield and find sports to be a primary source of entertainment. They say that they enjoy coming out to the baseball games because of the competitiveness and the atmosphere. Both brothers were raised watching sports and they said the Bakersfield Blaze is off to a slow start, considering how well they did last year by winning the California League northern division. They say the Blaze will do better soon.

“The blaze are looking weak but I’m sure they will comeback by mid-season,” said David, also adding that, “watching the Blaze is the next best thing to going to Major league games, especially last year when they made it to the playoffs.”

Coming out to the games is always fun. I like the atmosphere,” said Onicx Morales. “Baseball games are perfect to go because the tickets are cheap and cheap entertainment is good.”

Furthermore, Onicx says, “Baseball games are good for family bonding.” According to the brothers, if they did not attend the Bakersfield Blaze games they would still be attend some sporting event.

Sports contribute to Bakersfield when it comes to entertainment and can use the support. With the many different sports teams in Bakersfield including hockey, basketball, softball, and the various sports teams offered by California State University, Bakersfield including track and wrestling, entertainment is right around the corner and the fanatic atmosphere is a great experience.

The Blaze season schedule can be found online at According to the California League website, the Blaze had the lowest attendance in the league last year with 43,969.

“Baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch besides football. I can’t wait for football season,” said David. Onicx Morales added,  “Basketball is my favorite sport to watch but baseball is fun to watch with the family.”

Baseball has been commonly known to be America’s favorite pastime, and remains a key source of entertainment for fans in Bakersfield.




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