Trout’s and The Blackboard Stages

20 May

The sign outside the entrance to Trout's Nightclub. Photo provided by

The sign outside the entrance to Trout’s Nightclub. Photo provided by

Do you enjoy dancing? Do you love karaoke? Do you like listening to love music? If you’ve answered yes to one or all of these questions, then you’ll love Trout’s Nightclub.

Trout’s and The Blackboard Stages (the official name of the club) has been a staple in Bakersfield nightlife since it opened its doors in November of 1931.

An interesting fact about Trout’s is that, according to their website,, their club “has become Americas leading institution for building and preserving the iconic genre of music known as the “Bakersfield Sound.”’

Trout’s has become a leader in Bakersfield nightclubs by providing a combination of dancing, karaoke and live music. Karaoke is offered seven nights a week, so everybody who loves to sing (whether it’s on-key or off) should come check this out.

Moreover, Trout’s offers two dance floors and dual dance halls that have some form of live music every day of the week.
For the music history buffs, Trout’s is definitely worth checking out. The club has digital archives that contain thousands of photographs, thousands of hours’ worth of video and historical memorabilia captured during its 80-plus years.

Trout’s also offers line dancing from 7-9 pm every day. Cost is $5.00 but if you enjoy line dancing, then it might be worth it.

For those who don’t know what line dancing is, it’s people moving in lines to a repeated sequence of steps. Line dancers do not dance with each other, although they might face each other. And it doesn’t matter if both genders are in one line when dancing. They do execute the dance moves at the same time though.

Another tidbit about Trouts is that they have space for you to throw a party or a banquet. So if you want to celebrate a special event or just have a fun night out, head on over to Trout’s. You’ll have a night you won’t forget.

For more information about Trout’s, go to link I’ve attached and visit this website to read some of the reviews people have given Trout’s.


One Response to “Trout’s and The Blackboard Stages”

  1. crystalriverrealty May 25, 2013 at 2:38 pm #

    I really enjoyed your blog on this iconic Bakersfield bar. The fact that there is line dancing and more that one dance floor is amazing. I pass by the bar all the time and you have made it sound so interesting, and sound
    like a great place to throw my next party. Your blog is well written, interesting and fun.

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