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Keeping It Cool

19 May
The Strawberry Surf Rider smoothie (Photo courtesy of www.jambajuice.com).

The Strawberry Surf Rider smoothie (Photo courtesy of http://www.jambajuice.com).

Ah Bakersfield, the perfect place with the perfect temperature year-round. Okay, that’s not true. To be honest, it gets rather hot in this town.  With temperatures peaking well over 100 degrees, Bakersfield can feel like the Mojave Desert. What’s that you say? You don’t like weather that hot? Well don’t worry, neither do I. Luckily, I have a not-so-little secret to beating the unbearable heat. One of my favorite ways to outsmart Bakersfield’s blistering summer weather is by grabbing a perfectly blended smoothie from Jamba Juice. There’s nothing better than a freshly made, ice-cold, refreshing smoothie on one of the hottest days in town. One of my favorite drinks at Jamba Juice is a Strawberry Surf Rider. With the perfect blend of tangy lemonade, peaches, lime sherbet, ice, and of course strawberries, this drink never fails to solve my heat-related problems.  Jamba Juice offers several different types of smoothies to help cater to everyone’s taste. With drinks like Caribbean Passion, Razzmatazz, Pomegranate Paradise, and Mango-A-Go-Go, Jamba Juice offers a wide array of drinks to help keep everyone cool. In addition, their smoothies come in three different sizes: sixteen, original, and power. With prices ranging from about $3.50 up to about $6.00, Jamba Juice offers an affordable escape for those who need a break from the heat. Four convenient locations in town help make this smoothie joint one of the best places to go in order to escape the notorious Bakersfield heat. For more information, simply hop on the Internet and visit Jamba Juice’s website.

The inside of Jamba Juice (Photo courtesy of www.hootmag.org).

The inside of Jamba Juice (Photo courtesy of http://www.hootmag.org).


When the weather gets warm grab a jacket and some skates

17 May

The San Joaquin Community Hospital Ice Center of Bakersfield is a great break from the heat. While the temperature in Bakersfield climbs closer and closer to triple digits people begin to fantasize about the winter. Going for a few hours of skating can transport the average person from 102 degree heat to a frigid wonderland.

Located on 1325 Q street, next to the Maya Cinemas and McMurtrey Aquatic Center, the ice rink is large and can easily have over 100 skaters on it at once.

The cost of admittance for adults is $8.00. Children and senior citizen receive a discount. If you don’t have a pair of ice skates the Ice Center rents pairs of skates, in figure skating and hockey varieties, for $3.00 a pair.

Skating can be a daunting task for the uninitiated though. However, the staff at the Ice Center are willing to walk beginners through everything from lacing skates to how to safely pick oneself up of the ground in case of a fall. Attendees can also check-out an “ice walker” if they need more stability.

A word of warning though – the place is cold. A jackets, warm pants or leggings, gloves and thick socks are a necessity when going skating. There aren’t many feeling more shocking then slipping and collapsing knee first on sub 30 degree ice while wearing shorts.


From the SJCH Facebook page.
A group of children watch while their instructor demonstrates hockey techniques.


About that Snow Cone Life

13 May


Bakersfield is a city known to experience massive heat waves and make you sweat. The heat isn’t something you can just shake out easily, especially if you don’t own a pool. Ice cream and frozen yogurt are two repetitive options that may not always do the trick in keeping you cool.


Photo courtesy of: flickr.com Sno Shacks are easily recognizable because of their cozy-looking blue structure.

Image by: flickr.com
Sno Shacks are easily recognizable because of their cozy-looking blue structure.

Luckily, Sno Shacks open their small windows during the summer and provide deliciously icy treats packed with syrupy goodness. With an arsenal of flavors, Sno Shack can match any palate and any preference. Blue coconut and Tiger’s blood are my personal favorite flavors that I can’t get enough of. Even when I am on the go, there’s always a Sno Shack that I can sneak off to in between classes or while I’m running errands.


Image by: flickr.com When you get that unbearably overwhelming hot feeling on a summer day, you can't go wrong with shaved ice.

Image by: flickr.com
When you get that unbearably overwhelming hot feeling on a summer day, you can’t go wrong with shaved ice.

Sno Shack typically has three sizes to choose from and each is affordable in price. It’s a fun experience to mix different flavors or you can indulge in only one favorite flavor. There are some variations of Sno Shack that include other yummy snacks like churros, smoothies, slushies, shakes, coffees and more such as the Sno Biz located on Belle Terrace. Sno Biz offers a sweet twist to the usual snow cone and will let you add a delectable cream sauce atop your shaved ice.

Image by: flickr.com Sno Biz is another shack to visit for shaved ice that also offers a greater variety of other treats.

Image by: flickr.com
Sno Biz is another shack to visit for shaved ice that also offers a greater variety of other treats.

Sno Shacks are located sporadically around Bakersfield, usually in the parking lots of Rite Aid, CVS and gas stations. The Sno Shack I visit the most is at 1107 Calloway. They’re relatively easy to spot. If you’d like to know more locations and their hours of operation, you can click here. Sno Biz is located at 4201 Belle Terrace. For more information on Sno Biz click here.

When I drive through Bakersfield, AC and music blasting to get my mind off the ridiculously hot weather, I see Sno Shack and Sno Biz as blue beacons of hope. I never hesitate to pull over and get myself some shaved ice. I’m about that snow cone life.





Good times at Garden Fest

29 Apr



Shovelers pile dirt onto a live Oak at Bakersfield College’s Garden Fest on April 20. The tree planted was the 100th tree planted on BC’s campus this year as a celebrations of its century of existence.



Artist Chris Borbon draws a caricature at BC’s Garden Fest.



Tiffany Hoggart and Don Hoggart pose for a father and daughter caricature at BC’s Garden Fest.



Chef Pat Coyle instructs a crowd at Garden fest on the finer points of grill operation and technique at BC’s Garden Fest. Coyle’s was one of several home and garden presentations held that day.




BC president Sonya Christian and Bakersfield mayor Harvey Hall stand while professor Lindsay Ono speaks about the turnout of Garden Fest.




A bee walks across the stigma of a flower at Bakersfield College on April 20.