To Beat this Bakersfield Heat, Dive into a Local Pool to keep you Cool!

16 May

Although there are many residents who know how blistering hot summers in Bakersfield get, there are still so many who have no access to a pool! But not to worry all you local residents out there who have no access to your own pool, there are plenty of community pools in town, which are offered in several different locations, to keep you feeling refreshed this summer.

Come cool off this summer for free Bakersfield! (Photo Credit:

Come cool off this summer for free Bakersfield! (Photo Credit:


  • The first pool is the Jefferson pool which is located on Beal and Bernard.  This newly refurbished pool now offers a separate area for smaller children, or those who have limited abilities in the water, to a state of the art filtering system, this pool is a great place to wade away those summer afternoons. The spray park offers a great variety of fun during the hot months of the summer and is open from when the weather starts to warm up around May, to the end of the hot weather, usually mid- October. This pool is free for all to use.
  • The second pool is the MLK pool which is located on E. California & South Owens. This pool offers swimming lessons before recreational swimming and are well worth the investment for your children! These lessons allow the children and even adults to learn to be comfortable in water while building strength and skills to give them the confidence they need to save their life if they are ever presented with a tough situation in a body of water. This pool has the same hours as the Jefferson pool and they welcome all local residents to come cool off!
  • McMurtrey Aquatic Center located on Q & 13th street, features an 8,551 square foot recreation pool and a 50-meter competition pool. This community pool center even offers a double water slide and specially designed interactive wet play equipment! Although there is a fee to enter this pool, it is well worth the money spent to have a great day splashing around in the sun!
  • Silver Creek Pool, located on Harris & Reliance features a 25 yard pool with a small wading pool. This pool also offers swimming lessons and is available for rental in the summer on the weekend evenings! What a great place to host a child’s birthday party or a family BBQ, with no outsiders permitted while the pool has been rented out especially for you!
A Bakersfield Community Pool Center. (Photo Credit:

A Bakersfield Community Pool Center. (Photo Credit:

For rules and guidelines for community pools in Bakersfield, visit the link above and make sure to check out a pool in your area! Bakersfield heat isn’t intolerable when a clean, clear swimming pool is only a couple blocks away!


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