Murray Family Farms is Cherry on top this Mother’s Day Weekend

11 May

Photo taken by Alex Horvath / The Californian

With many different events to do in Bakersfield this weekend, one outdoor event you can enjoy with your family is the Cherry Festival at Murray Family Farms.  You can enjoy the Bakersfield sunshine while experiencing all things cherries with your Mom on her special day.  Murray Family Farms is hosting its second annual Cherry Festival this Saturday, May 11th.

Pete Tittl of the Bakersfield Californian gives us more information about the Cherry Festival, and gets first-hand information from Abel Varela, produce supervisor at Murray Family Farms.

“On Saturday, prepare to celebrate all things cherry with a variety of fruit and sweets, a seed-spitting contest, entertainment and more. The only thing you won’t be able to do is pick your own cherries — but they’re working on it.

“On our property, we bring cherries in (from our other location on Copus Road). We’re growing trees to pick. It’ll be about another year to mature. They’re 2-year-old trees; it’s a minimum three years (to maturity).”  (Murray Family Farms)

Murray Family Farms is hosting their cherry festival earlier this year.  It is strategic, based on what they learned from last year’s response.  Varela says,”Cherries came into season about a week and half ago. Last year we had it later, in late May. We want to have it earlier (this year), bring in more people. We wanted to get people excited about cherries.”

Even later in the season, last year’s turnout was impressive, according to media coordinator Jennifer Smith, who counted 1,000 attendees.”  (Cherry Festival)

With a variety of different types of cherries, Murray Family Farms has wide selection  of cherries and pastries and fruits to choose from this Mother’s Day weekend.


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