House of Hoops coming to Bakersfield

14 Jun

credit for photo

credit for photo

If your a sneaker fan you should be excited about this. In the Valley Plaza mall, Footlocker has tempoary closed to remodel and comeback as a House Of Hoops Footlocker. House Of Hoops being a more exclusive Footlocker store where they carry all the exclusive shoes, such as limited editions shoes of Nikes and Jordans.

House of Hoops is a shoe store that first started in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles. These stores are the ones most sneaker fans, or sneakerheads, go crazy for. They are the ones where people know they have the good exclusive shoes that other stores do not have.

If you are a sneaker fan you should be really excited about Bakersfield getting a House Of Hoops because it now means we dont have to travel to Los Angeles to get the limited edition shoes.


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