Open Mic Poetry Night gives Bakersfield a voice

11 May
Portia Choi reads one of her poems. Choi also helps with Open Mic Poetry Night.

Portia Choi reads one of her poems in front of a small audience at Russo’s Books on May 9. Choi also helps with Open Mic Poetry Night.

I’m sure everyone remembers having to write poems in junior high and up. I know I remember this. It wasn’t something I hated or liked, but I couldn’t imagine having to read those poems in front of an audience.

But for some Bakersfield poets this is something they look forward to every second Thursday of the month. These poem readings are known as Open Mic Poetry Night and are held at Russo’s Books in the Marketplace. The most recent one took place May 9, 2013 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

For those who enjoy writing poems, then this event is perfect, giving poets an outlet to get their work heard from fellow poets in Bakersfield.

Though the crowd is small the audience the is their to listen to others express their emotions using their writing. The small audience also helps to make it more personal, so everyone can feel relaxed and just listen to the words that are being spoken.

Russo’s even features local poets, for the month of May Estella Aguilar is being featured. Aguilar read many of her poems from her book, “My Absolute Fragile Essence.” This book contains—according to the book description, “50 poems exploring different aspects concerning love, heartbreak, relationships, pain, forgiveness, beauty, and happiness.”

If poetry is something of interest and it’s something that you take part in regularly, why not share it with a supportive audience that can offer feedback. This event helps to give people of Bakersfield a voice.

For more information click here.


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