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The Bakersfield Jazz Festival was a Success

14 Jun

The 27 annual Bakersfield Jazz Festival kicked off today at The California State University Bakersfield at 7:00 PM. The Friday line-up consisted of three jazz musicians

Robin Bramlett, Billy Vera Big Band, and Roy Ayers. On Saturday, the line up featured Kern County Jazz Band, Colorblind, Rob Hutchinson, Clayton Cameron, Lao Tizer, Avance, Euge Groove.  “My favorite part of the program was the enjoyment that was had by the individuals that participated, the audience members being able to come to this and see this performance without having to go out of town, seeing it right here at home” said Suzanne Botha.

Avance performs for the audience at the CSUB Jazz Festival.

Avance performs for the audience at the CSUB Jazz Festival.

” Favorite Part of the program was the side stage and Roy Ayers. My favorite part about the side stage was that he put a lot of funk music, a lot of old oldies and I really love oldies it’s like my favorite thing in the world and Roy Ayers just because there is a lot of history in that band. Like the drummer playing with Michael Jackson and then playing with Roy Ayers. You know, that’s pretty cool. Like who gets to play with Michael Jackson? No one…”- says Natosha Ramirez.





Bakersfield’s 5th Annual Biggest Baddest Barbecue Championship

8 Jun

Channel Islands Gives Thumbs Up to Bakersfield

7 Jun

Hotel California Pays Tribute to The Eagles

12 May
Family Fun When You Bring Your Refreshments

Family Fun Begins When You Bring Your Chairs and Refreshments

Hotel California Plays Tribute to The Eagles

Hotel California Pays Tribute to The Eagles

Hotel California’s Tribute to the Eagles is Family Entertainment

With the temperatures in the high 80s at 8 p.m., Bakersfield families enjoyed cooling-off with an outdoor concert at the Bright House Networks Amphitheater. Located at 11200 Stockdale Hwy., the amphitheater is unique. It is a gathering place for families to enjoy outdoor picnics while listening to a concert, sitting on the grass or bringing their own chairs. Adults are allowed to bring wine or beer, provided they check in with authorities and get the proper wristband permit. The amphitheater is located within walking distance of fine restaurants like P.F. Chang’s, California Pizza Kitchen, and Café Med. For more information on events call (661) 852-7777 or go to: www.bakersfieldamphitheatre.us.

Hotel California plays "Life in the Fast Lane"

Hotel California plays “Life in the Fast Lane”

The only problem with the concert is that several people thought The Eagles were really going to be playing and not a band named Hotel California. “I’ve never heard of a band named Hotel California,” Hermano Gonzales said as he left the park.  “I thought the Eagles were going to be playing,” Gonzales said. He indicated that the name of the band was not as clear as it could’ve been, although it was advertised as, “Hotel California gives tribute to the Eagles.” Most people stayed and enjoyed their evening regardless of the band’s name. “This is not the Eagles–only a salute,” Brian Carrici ,55, said. “I go to all of the shows in Bakersfield. The first show I ever saw was in 1971-72–The James Gang. In fact, Rare Earth will be playing June 8 here at the Amphitheatre and I intend to go to that concert as well,” Carrici said.

Hotel California is a band's name and they pay tribute to The Eagles.

Hotel California is a band’s name and they pay tribute to The Eagles.

Other events coming this summer include:

Martina McBride-June 28

Air Supply-June 29

Summerland Tour-June 30

For more details go to www.ticketmaster.com

or like Bright House Amphitheatre on www.facebook.com/Bright-House-Network-Amphitheatre

Buck Owens’ Ghost Is Alive After Seven Years

4 May



  March 25 was the seven-year anniversary of the death of Buck Owens. So where is the country western music legend? He is buried in The Buck Owens Family mausoleum in Greenlawn Southwest Cemetery, 2739 Panama Lane, Bakersfield. The mausoleum, also named  “Buck’s Place,” is the largest structure in the graveyard except for the Georgian mansion used for the office and mortuary building. He is interred in the mausoleum which also contains his mother and the ashes of his first wife, Bonnie Campbell Owens. Some people go to the graveyard looking for Buck. Others write books about his ghost. “The Ghost of Buck Owens: And Other Tales From the San Joaquin,” by Steve Sorensen was released in 2011.                                                 

  Chris Porfiri, 47, who works at Greenlawn Southwest Cemetery said, “there have been a couple of times when folks will stop into the park and ask where they can find Buck Owens’s grave– so we direct them to the mausoleum.” For more details on finding his grave go to http://www.findagrave.com.

  Bakersfield’s most popular entertainer, Owens was born Alvis Edgar Owens, Jr., in Sherman, Texas, to a sharecropping family and moved to Bakersfield when he was 21 years old. He signed a recording contract with Los Angeles music giant Capital Records in 1957, and his career took off from there. He became one of America’s top country western musicians, singers, writers, and entrepreneurs. The Crystal Palace, his legacy museum located at 2800 Buck Owens Blvd., is a unique masterpiece exhibiting exquisite western charm, history, and hometown hospitality. Owens left a sensational mark on this city, including his last No.1 hit song titled, “The Streets of Bakersfield.” For more information go to http://www.buckowens.com.

  Dave Lyman, 55, from the Bakersfield Convention and Visitors Bureau said he’s never been asked about Owens’ grave site. However, “large numbers of tour buses stop here on their way to someplace else, like Fresno, Yosemite, or Sequoia National Park. They are not making a pilgrimage to Bakersfield to see the Crystal Palace specifically or to go to Buck Owens’ grave,” Lyman said.

  “The bus drivers are only allowed to drive so many hours a day, so they stop in Bakersfield because it is the midway point between several locations. Fortunately, the Crystal Palace is conveniently located and because they serve great meals, it’s a favorite location for the bus drivers and the passengers,” Lyman said.

  Buck Owens made his mark in life as a composer, singer, entrepreneur, and publisher, and in death with his majestic burial site. His mausoleum is original and available to the public free of charge at Greenlawn Cemetery. “After all,” Lyman said, “it’s not like you have a Crystal Palace or Buck Owens in every town.”



Get a job. Career fairs are fun

29 Apr

A Busy Weekend for the Visual Performing Arts at California State University, Bakersfield

29 Apr

A lot happened this weekend in the Visual Performing Arts Community at CSU-Bakersfield. For Peggy Sears, it was the culmination her 22-year career  as Voice instructor  here at CSUB.  There was a gala held in her honor at the Albertsons room inside the theater. And of course after the gala, followed An Evening of Opera and Zarzuela Scenes. The next day, as Celebrate CSUB got underway, the ground breaking ceremony took place for the new Art Department that is going to be built behind the CSUB Music Department.

  • Before, the opera scenes began, there was a gala held in honor of Peggy Sears 22 year-long career at CSUB. Students gave testimonials about how she has helped them grow as musicians and how she “has pushed” them to do things that they though that they could not do. One student expressed how their previous college experience was not what she had hoped for because of negative remarks and how Sears helped and pushed her to new heights.

    Sears takes time to pose for a picture with Elizabeth Provencio, a CSUB Alumna and one of Sears' former students.

    Sears takes time to pose for a picture with Elizabeth Provencio, a CSUB Alumna and one of Sears’ former students.

  • CSUB Opera Theatre held “An Evening of Opera and Zarzuela Scenes” at the Dore Thetre. The evening open with a scene from The Magic Flute by W.A. Mozart. and closed with scenes from Help, Help, the Globolinks by Gian Carlo Menotti. The play itself is about an alien invasion that can only be fought off by the power of music. Madame Euterpova, music teacher, portrayed by Elizabeth Provencio, lead the other teachers and students into battle against the Globolinks by giving everyone an instrument and motivating everyone to keep playing. The scene ends with eerie music that indicates that the Globolinks have gone away in retreat.

    Madame Euterpova (Elizabeth Provencio) taking time after her victory over the Globolinks to pose for the camera.

    Madame Euterpova (Elizabeth Provencio) after her victory over the Globolinks.

  • On April 27, 2013, during Celebrate CSUB, there was a ground breaking ceremony held behind the Music department building, where the new Art department building will be built. The Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, Richard Collins opened by giving a brief history of how this project got started and how it hit many road blocks, many if not all financial. He as well as president Horace Mitchell, expressed their gratitude to the people who had something with making this construction happen.Art department ground breaking Ceremony

    NOTE: As a matter of full disclosure, I received lessons from Professor Peggy Sears in the winter quarter of 2010 to prepare for the ACDA Western Division Collegiate Honor Choir .