14 Apr

Looking for a little outdoor entertainment? Grab some friends and family and head on over to the River Walk. River Walk is a park located at Buena Vista Road and Stockdale Highway. One of the main attractions at the River Walk is the Bright House Networks Amphitheatre, an amazing outdoor public performance venue. I been to many concerts at the Bright House Networks Amphitheatre and I must say its a mind-blowing experience. If you would like to check out a concert at the venue go to http://www.bakersfieldampitheatre.us/

Do you love to go fishing? Grab your pole and tackle box and head over to the lake at the River Walk. Fishing at the River Walk is great, I remember the very first fish I caught it was a 15 inch bass. The lake has many different kinds of fish Species, Rainbow Trout, Bass, and Blue Gills to name a few. The River Walk consist of two lakes. The upper lake has a surface area of 3 acres and the lower lake is 2 acres and has become one of the most popular fishing spots in town. If you want to find out more information about the fishing at the River Walk park check out  http://www.kernfishing.com/content/lakes.com

If fish is not on your menu? Pack up some hotdogs and hamburgers and occupy one of the barbecues the River Walk has available. Great for family and friend picnics. The River Walk is a great outdoor adventure for all ages and can be your next destination for entertainment.

photo by Caric S.

photo by Caric S.



  1. MultimediaJen April 18, 2013 at 11:11 pm #

    The Park at River Walk is a beautiful place. I’ve always wanted to see a concert there. Thanks for sharing the link for the concert lineup, however I think this one works a little better: http://www.bakersfieldamphitheater.com

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