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Card players gather for Magic: The Gathering

15 Jun

Russo’s Bookstore is known to hold an array of events to attract more business by giving the community a place to bond over a common interest.

This Friday I watched over the guys and girls as they engaged countless hours of mental dexterity.

Click here to see The Gathering!


Dewar’s Offers Delicious Desserts Daily

11 Jun

Dewar’s has been providing Bakersfield with tasty treats for over 100 years.

Smith’s Bakery offering Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

11 Jun

Smith’s Bakery founded in 1945 has been one of the most popular known bakeries in Bakersfield and is still going strong to this day. They have a variety of locations and are great for parties, special occasions, or just to satisfy that sweet tooth craving! Their delicious assortments will allow everyone to leave happy and full.


CSUB Intramural Softball

10 Jun

CSUB hosts an Intramural Softball League each year during Spring Quarter.  The season is roughly 10 games long, with a post season and championship game.


East Sides Skatepark at Heritage Park Entertains All

9 Jun

Channel Islands Gives Thumbs Up to Bakersfield

7 Jun

Slacklining in Bakersfield

7 Jun

While out at Riverwalk park I ran into an amazing group of guys doing what is called Slacklining. Zeke said, “Slacklining is a combination of a tightrope walk rope and a trampoline wire.”