Bakersfield knows how to party

19 Apr

I’m just kidding. The general consensus in this growing hillbilly town in California’s Central Valley is that there isn’t anything to do here. For the most part they’re right. But I’m here to represent that minority that refuses to give in to the lethargic assumptions about this town. There’s plenty of things to do in this town. My classmates and I are going to prove that to you.

Bakersfield was originally founded by Colonel Thomas Baker as a place for families to rest. The famous California Gold Rush was happening at the time and the original residents of Bakersfield were people who weren’t looking for gold. Even the history of this town is boring.

Check out more on Bakersfield here:

Here’s more on the history of Bakersfield:

Part of the reason why people don’t like this town is the weather. For reasons ubeknkownst to us, the inhabitants of Bakersfield only get two seasons: summer and “sort of” winter. The bad weather, in my opinion compiles with the boredom that ensues. People get mad and complain when they’re uncomfortable, and that’s how I think this notion came to be.

Another reason why people think this town is boring is because we’re two hours from Los Angeles and four hours from San Diego. With such big cities just down the freeway, the juxtaposition of the two locations makes us look that much more boring. Yes, vanilla looks like the most boring flavor when you put it next to a colorful sherbet.

Bakersfield, as a town, is what you make it. Contrary to what most people will tell you, there are things to do. That’s what we’re here to do. Even though most things in  this town are colored with that depressing shade of brown, it just means you’ll have to look that much more for the color.


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