My favorite way to beat the heat in Bakersfield

18 May

It’s summer and the heat has already started to soar making us all sweat and feel sticky most of the time. Stepping out of the house makes mr fell irritable and cranky. Therefore, to stay fresh and cool this summer I need to do four things which are as follows:

1. Drink lots of fluids and liquids

Drinking water and liquids like juices, coconut water and milkshakes help maintain the water content in the body and keeps us healthy and cool. Moreover, water content in the body is managed well if one drinks a lot of liquids.

2. Take a cool summer cut

I mean taking a new shorter hair cut during summer will help me to feel fresh and cool all the time. Because, sweating leads hair to get sticky and smelly which adds to the irritability. Moreover, the cool hair cut or hair style helps one feel more confident and makes the irritation level lower.

3. Use wet wipes or wash face regularly

Continuous sweating leads to a sticky face and neck which adds to the irritability faced by many during summers time . Using wet wipes will help me to make my face moisturized and non-sticky. The freshness of a sweet smelling wet wipe brand makes it better for any people to feel fresh when they are unable to wash their face regularly.

4. Wear cotton or light color clothes

During summers wearing cotton clothes will help me to keep cool all the time. Wearing light coloured clothes reflects the intense heath of the sun and reduces the sweat emitted by the body as well.

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Fresh Juice



Wet Towel/ Wet Tissue/ Wet Wipe



2 Responses to “My favorite way to beat the heat in Bakersfield”

  1. krystynapaige May 24, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

    I like this alot, very creative tips on how to stay cool in this Bako heat!

  2. mafelix862013 May 27, 2013 at 6:32 pm #

    Very nice post. I keep my hair short during the summer, but even if it weren’t summer, I keep it short because my hair grows back really fast. I also make sure to not wear dark colors because that just makes me sweat more. And I drink lots of water, just like you suggested. It never occurred to me to use wet wipes during the summer though (facepalm). Follow all these tips and I should be good for summer!

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