Sweet Tooth !

26 Apr

Some people crave barbecue, sushi, mexican food. Well me i always have a sweet tooth for some sweets. Ice cream, cakes, candy, cookies! Sweets can make someone’s day just that much better. My #1 spot to go when i have a sweet tooth is Dewars.


  • Dewar’s Ice Cream is a place to be a kid, you can go there and have ice cream to candy! Dewars has delightful treats that are prepared with love and care from the workers to their customers. Dewars ice cream makes me feel welcomed every time I step foot in the place. Every time I go to Dewars I always seem to find an available seat at the bar. The bar  allows you to seat yourself and be served quickly. While I eat my ice cream I like to enjoy watching the moose that is on the wall and sings. Dewars is open from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.


Yogurtland is a frozen yogurt is made with California’s real milk and served with an array of different toppings. Yogurtland is a self- serve yogurt place. After picking your flavor of frozen yogurt, I start to walk towards the toppings. Yogurtland has all the toppings you can think of, along with syrups. Yogurtland does not really have a big dining area, but every time I visit I feel at ease. The scenery is very peaceful and welcoming.

Cold Stone creamery is a delicious spot I also enjoy going to. Although Cold Stone provides many varieties ice cream creations to smoothies I always find a way to create my own. Customers have the right to choose a “like it”, “love it”, or “gotta have it”, which is compared to a small, medium, and large. I always pick a “like it” because it is just enough. My favorite creation is getting vanilla ice cream, bananas, snickers, walnuts, and caramel.



One Response to “Sweet Tooth !”

  1. earechiga May 23, 2013 at 11:01 pm #

    me too! give me cold stone ice cream 🙂

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