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Game Show

3 May

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Show is a family-friendly event that welcomes singles and families to join with categories that consists of fun topics that change each time the event is held. The event is held at Grinder’s Burger House located at 1230 H Street on April 26 at 7 P.M.

The event is held by the Marriage and Family Center the leading place to get therapy in Bakersfield. The organization “helps adults, adolescents and children work through difficult relationships, depression, anxiety, grief, compulsive eating and a wide range of other interpersonal and emotional issues,” said Stephen Deejaysk Milinovich.

The event is called Game Show because it is part game part show with music and videos incorporated into the game. Sections of the game video are used to ask what show the theme song music is from. Sometimes video is used during the show for entertainment purposes in-between game categories.

“Game Show was inspired by a lot of things. First of all, both Empty Space and Center for Improve Advancement have live improvised shows that get the audience involved. Also, people just like playing games and winning prizes,” said Michael Bean, host of the Game Show.

The game consists of four rounds with a grand prize winner at the end who will be picked though a random drawing. The event is free for everyone.

“We created this event to help people have a good time and to provide family fun in Bakersfield,” Michael Bean said.

Last month was the fourth time Game Show was held. “We had 17 families show up and it was a huge success,” Bean said.

“Game Show is a great idea since anyone can play the game and everyone who plays wins a prize. Prizes can be won during the game that consist of fun things to do in Bakersfield,” Milinovich said.

“Last month we gave away hamburger combos, a gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond, tickets to the Maya Theater and the grand prize was three tickets to Magic Mountain. Other prizes that we have included are movie tickets, certificates for bowling, and rocking-climbing to name a few,” Bean said.

The main purpose of Game Show is to offer some “good family fun in Bakersfield,” said Bean.

“Our goal is to get people to realize that there are fun things to do in Bakersfield and we are providing one of those things to do with Game Show. As the event continues we plan on adding more music, videos and game category topics,” Bean said.

Game Show is sponsored by Grinder’s Burger House, Marco Caracas Real Estate Broker Associate, Stephen Milinovich (Dee Jay SK), Mally J. Photography and HerEverydayAdventure. The event is held every last Friday of the month. Reserve a table by calling (661) 327-5100.


Game Show Updates

19 Apr
Grinder's Burger House.

Grinder’s Burger House.

Game Show is a free event hosted once a month by the  Marriage and Family Center. They have  major sponsors include which include Grinder’s Burger House where the event is held, and the Real Estate Connection helps by providing money for the prizes. The event was inspired by a lot of things. “First of all, both Empty and Center for Improve Advancement have live improves shows that get the audience involved in the show,” Michael Bean the shows host stated. The event has been held four times so far and every time more people show up for the event many bringing friends and family with them. The next time the event is being held is April, 26th at 7pm.  As far as new things coming to the Game Show Michael Bean couldn’t say much but he did tell me that they have just recently got an agreement from a major entertainment venue in town to provide tickets to an activity that he couldn’t yet talk about with me. The event host Michael says that “they are always looking for ways to improve the event by showing more videos in the Show, using music, and trying to increase audience participation.  Currently they are working on finding someone to create a website for the Game Show event to increase their online presence. He hopes that by creating a website it will bring more singles and family to the event. He made sure to emphasize that everyone wins something at the event even if it a free burger from Grinder’s Burger House where the event is held. I plan on going to the event and I hope you decide that this might be something fun to attend in Bakersfield.