Entertainment just got extreme

19 Apr
Photo courtesy of Skydive Taft's website.

Photo courtesy of Skydive Taft’s website.


Bakersfield’s entertainment value is very minimal when we compare it to cities like Los Angeles or New York. It has a lot to offer its more then 350,000 residents, things such as food, shopping and rich culture. But what if you want to do something extreme or adrenaline filled.

If we venture about 45 minutes outside of Bakersfield to its neighbor Taft, Calif., you will discover Skydive Taft. Yes, skydiving. Many people who have never heard of this place will be very shocked to find out that such an extreme activity is just 45 minutes away from Bakersfield.

I was definitely one of those people before going to Taft College I’d never heard of Skydive Taft. After discovering it I was thoroughly convinced that Kern County did have some hidden gems among the rich agriculture and plethora of oil fields. Though skydiving would never be something I’d try it was interesting to know that an interesting activity was so close to where I lived.

Though I’d never try this adrenaline packed activity, I’m sure many of Kern County residents would participate. So to those who aren’t in the know and are slightly interested, Skydive Taft offers a lot of different options of skydiving depending on how experienced skydiving hopefuls are.

Most people have no experience in skydiving and Skydive Taft is aware of this and offers tandem diving (where you’re strapped to someone who is experienced and jump with them). Experienced jumpers can dive by themselves or with a group of other experienced adrenaline junkies.

The prices of this activity vary, if it’s your first dive you can do a tandem for $189 each, $169 if you’re a student and can provide proof. For a complete list of prices please visit here.

Skydive Taft offers the lowest prices for beginner skydiving in California, considering the sport it is. If this is something that interests you please visit their website for information on how to participate.

Photo courtesy of Skydive Taft's website

Photo courtesy of Skydive Taft’s website


One Response to “Entertainment just got extreme”

  1. dannygudino May 25, 2013 at 1:24 am #

    Didn’t know there was sky diving so close by sounds pretty intense.

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