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14 Jun

To make the best summer vacation here in Bakersfield you can do various things from hang out with friends, spending time with family, and just being home doing nothing. But when you are with friends and family what are you suppose to do?

In Bakersfield you can have fun by going to all the parks here in Bakersfield. Spend a day at the park can be fun for everyone! You can have the kids play on the playgrounds and have the teens and adults play sports like flag football, soccer, and basketball, if they have the courts.

You can also go out to watch movies here! Maya theaters is one of the better theaters here. They have reasonable prices and can great movie theater seats. Their chairs can tilt back! Maya theater is a great place to everyone to enjoy!

Another thing you can do here in Bakersfield is to eat out at all the great restaurants here in Bakersfield. We even have some great local restaurants like Luigi’s and Happy Jacks. These are some of the best locally owned restaurants here in Bakersfield. Great places to eat. I highly recommend Happy Jack’s peanut butter pie!

So there are many different things here in Bakersfield that you can enjoy during the summer. So go out and have fun!


House of Hoops coming to Bakersfield

14 Jun

credit for photo

credit for photo

If your a sneaker fan you should be excited about this. In the Valley Plaza mall, Footlocker has tempoary closed to remodel and comeback as a House Of Hoops Footlocker. House Of Hoops being a more exclusive Footlocker store where they carry all the exclusive shoes, such as limited editions shoes of Nikes and Jordans.

House of Hoops is a shoe store that first started in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles. These stores are the ones most sneaker fans, or sneakerheads, go crazy for. They are the ones where people know they have the good exclusive shoes that other stores do not have.

If you are a sneaker fan you should be really excited about Bakersfield getting a House Of Hoops because it now means we dont have to travel to Los Angeles to get the limited edition shoes.

Running Man interview

14 Jun

Looking to get into a new show. Watch Running Man, a popular Korean variety show. Running Man is a variety show where the memebers of the show do various events which are fun and stupid!

Santacruzan Bakersfield

12 Jun

Santacruzan is a Filipino traditional parade. It happens durring mid May and is that of a religious tradition.

Walk, don’t run

31 May

In Bakersfield, if you can’t think of anything fun to do just go out and walk around. There are many different place here where you can just go out for a walk. You can walk around your local neighborhood, go to a park or just wonder around the mall.

Walking if good for everyone. It give people a basic exercise to keep them in good shape. It also helps spend a lot of time. Walking allows people to explore Bakersfield in a different way from just driving everywhere. It give people the chance to see some things in detail because now you are actually closer to the things.

Great place to walk around here in Bakersfield would be Riverwalk Park. This place has a route that allows people to enjoy a good day. It’s actually go well with the phrase “having a walk in the park!” Riverwalk has great scenery to where people can enjoy the place they are walking around. It’s a place where people can actually have a relaxing walk.So if you can’t think of anything good to do just go out and taking a friendly walk.

China Town Buffet, a place to eat like an emperor

31 May

China Town Buffet during dinner hours. (Credit

China Town Buffet during dinner hours. (Credit

China Town buffet is a Chinese restraint that is located on the corner of California ave. and Oak street. The restaurant is a great place to go if you are craving for a big meal. People who got there are usually people who want to eat a lot for a low cost. You typically pay $10 for an all you can eat experience.

The food there at China Town Buffet are those typically at a Chinese restaurant. You find food such as orange chicken, cheese wontons, fried rice and etc. but not only do there care Chinese food, but they also have other styles of food. They have food such as grilled salmon, pizza, chicken nuggets, and sushi.

The main specialties as China Town Buffet are there seafood dinners. For diner tie they serve an all you can eat seafood buffet which includes crap legs. A lot of people come here to eat the crap legs because people see it as a gourmet food.

If you need some help in trying to see how good it is here are some reviews on China Town Buffet.If your looking for a good place to eat out with out with family or friends, or go out for a special occasion like a graduation celebration. China Town Buffet is a nice place to eat while not spending a lot of money.

Jam with the Bakersfield Jam!

13 May

Bakersfield Jam logo (credit

Bakersfield Jam logo (credit

Looking to watch some semi-pro basketball? Go watch the Bakersfield Jam. The Jam are part of the NBA Developmental league where NBA teams are affiliated with teams in the league. Teams that are affiliated with the Bakersfield Jam are the Los Angeles Clippers, Atlanta Hawks, Phonix Suns, and Toronto Raptors.

Bakersfield Jam started in 2009 as an expansion team to the NBA Developmental league. The D-league chose to put a team here because of of success of all the Lakers per-season games here. With all the pre-season games success they decided to see if Bakersfield can handle a D-league team first before they chose to but a real NBA team here in Bakersfield.

Though the Jam season is over, they finished with the best record in the Western Division, having winning the Western Division title. The team also finished the season with having six of the players getting All-NBA D-league selections.

With the season over, people will have to wait till November to watch the Bakersfield Jam. The new season starts in November and things look to be good for the Jam with being the defending Western Division champions. Now they look to become NBA D-league champions.