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Kern County Fair Sports Pavilion: Takes fun to a different level!

11 Jun

Kern County Fair Sports Pavilion is definitely a fascinating place of entertainment, where you have the opportunity to do both: win some money and have fun!
This is what the experience is all about every weekend:


Firehouse Sports Bar & Grill: A venue of summer escape

18 May
Family spending time together at Firehouse.  source provided by:

Family spending time together at Firehouse.
source provided by:

Located in the dry San Joaquin Valley, in what used to be desert land many years ago, Bakersfield city does not get much wind or rain, so as we all know it gets really hot during the summer season. Due to these geographical conditions, Bakersfield’s entertainment sources must adjust to these circumstances in order to attain consumer satisfaction. When it comes to choosing the right place to stay away from the heat, Firehouse Sports Bar & Grill is absolutely a top choice, which does not only provide all kinds of American foods and soft beverages that restaurants commonly serve! In a casual and cozy atmosphere, Firehouse restaurant customers can entertain themselves by making use of the 18 regulation sized pool tables, shuffle and dart boards, arcade games, and more than 20 HD flat screens. Firehouse is a popular spot amongst Football fans as most important Football games are transmitted in these huge flat screens.

What better way to stay away from this summer’s heat than by watching a Football game accompanied by family or friends in a place that offers “Bakersfield’s largest selection of draft beer”? Not to mention the variety of choices they have when it comes to food that include: steaks, burgers, healthy salads, and more!

Whenever the heat and boredom come together to try to ruin your summer days, heading towards Firehouse Sports Bar & Grill should your first venue of escape! It is conveniently located on 7701 White lane.
For more information visit the following websites:

Rollerama: enriches recreational experience…

16 May

What could rescue you from spending a boring weekend sitting on the couch watching TV, while the world out there revolves around the idea of “having fun”? One great way to break this monotonous cycle is to step into Rollerama West’s skating platform.  Rollerama West offers a great entertaining experience to Bakersfield’s residents as it opens its skate park to customers during public sessions, which are almost on every day basis. 

Generally, skating isn’t a most common hobby amongst people. In fact, in many instances, the stereotype that skaters are “destructive, and are a general hazard to society”, has been brought up by a substantial number of individuals.  Furthermore, these individuals believe that “every skater also wears tight pants, smokes, has wee on them at all times, and is also out to destroy everything they see” (  Nevertheless, the fact that Rollerama West makes the practice of this sport available to Bakersfield’s residents is a clear indication that this “skater negative stereotype” is erroneous. At Rollerama West, the experience of skating is taken to a higher level! 

By making Rollerama West your next entertaining destination, you will be embarking upon a valuable social interaction, and most importantly, a great learning experience.  Skating is an unusual sport, in which people are not only being physically active, but they are also stimulating their minds, releasing endorphins in their brain that ultimately improve their emotional well-being. 

So next time you are stuck at home, sitting on a couch watching TV, while inevitably dwelling on an opaque state of mind, you should consider playing in the field by heading to a more exciting and unusual adventure: the public skating park of Rollerama West located at 7850 Brimhall Road. 

For more information you are welcome to visit their homepage at:


Welcome to the Swap Meet: A great place of vast opportunities!

15 May

Main Entrance to the Swap Meet


The South Union Swap meet in Bakersfield offers a wide variety of new and used products and services as more than 300 vendors come out every weekend to be part of this outdoor market experience. After hearing several stories about how this place manages to offer used and new products at affordable and reasonable prices, and at the same time offer an entertaining experience, I decided to visit it for myself, and see what is really all about.  This is what I found out based on a vendor seller’s perspective.

Information about current admission prices includes the following:

Current Admission Prices (2013)

CALM: More than an Educational Experience

6 May
Visitors entering the zoo about to explore the museum.

Visitors entering the zoo about to explore the museum.
Visit: for more information.

The California Living Museum, better known as CALM, displays new animals each year. This year some of the new animals include three bighorn sheep, which are characterized as “beautiful and majestic animals with strong historical ties to Kern County,” according to the Zoological Association of America. CALM offers a zoo-like experience for Bakersfield and surrounding communities by displaying the flora and fauna that are exclusively native to Kern County.

The main purpose of this local museum is to educate visitors about the variety of animals and plants that may be endangered or are simply unknown to the community.
On behalf of the museum, general manager Lana Fain said, “The main purpose of the zoo is to teach people about wildlife in California as well as in general, and most importantly to raise awareness of how important it is to have respect for nature, for the wildlife.”

CALM was organized during the 1970s by a group of local individuals who were interested in protecting the native wildlife. In 1983, their efforts paid off, as the zoo opened its doors to the public. Now it is home to more than 80 species that are at high risk of extinction. Furthermore, it provides natural exhibits throughout each year.
“All of our animals are native to California. We have an open black bear exhibit, which is the only black bear living in California,” Fain said. “We also have mountain lions and bobcats exhibits, which is one of the most popular features in the zoo. I think those features make us really unique.”

Every year around 110,000 people visit the Bakersfield zoo.

“We have more people coming each year. We are not satisfied with the numbers, but we are definitely growing,” Fain said.
Every year, more than 13,000 Kern County school children participate in on-site programs that educate them about the importance of the wildlife in California.

According to Kimberly Cooper Swerdfeger, a kindergarten supervisor at the Bakersfield Homeless Center, “CALM is a fantastic place for an experience with nature. We are actually planning on taking children from our school to visit there this spring.”
“Calm has a variety of birds. My favorite feature in the zoo is watching the birds spread their wings up high. I am very excited about taking the kids to the zoo this spring. I am sure they will enjoy the tour,” Swerdfeger said.

Another important feature of the Bakersfield zoo is the display of plants that come from Kern County environments including the mountains and the Mojave Desert. Visitors can walk through specific routes in the zoo, appreciating the “Trees of California” that are found in the western and eastern mountains. Visitors can also enjoy the view of a riparian habitat, which is a small replica of the Kern River. They can also contemplate a desert community, which resembles the eastern desert.

CALM is open every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., except on certain holidays. Its admission prices vary. Adults pay $9, while seniors pay $7. In addition, children from ages 3 to 12 pay only $5, and children under 3 have free admission. Annual individual and family memberships are also available. An individual membership is $30.  For further information on recent events coming up, you are welcome to visit$CALM.

Bakerfield’s Zoo: A Day In The Jungle…

29 Apr

Each year the California Living Museum, commonly known as CALM, enlightens us with new animal exhibits that make our zoo like experience an unforgettable and unique adventure.   In an effort to see what the zoo is all about nowadays, I decided to visit the zoo and find out for myself what a sunny April Sunday is like at Bakersfield’s zoo.

Scene Setter

A family entering the museum, who seem to be eager to explore the zoo.


Another family observing the variety of reptiles that can be found in the unique cave that is covered by rocks.

Another family observing the variety of reptiles such as: the Southern Pacific Rattlesnake and and Northern Pacific rattlesnake.  They can be found in the unique cave that is covered by rocks.

Visitors keep walking around as they observe the majestic animals.

Visitors keep walking around as they observe the majestic animals such as the Mallard and Wood ducks.



The Turkey Vulture: a scanvenger that cleans the habitat of rotting, dead flesh.

The Turkey Vulture: a scanvenger that cleans the habitat of rotting, dead flesh.


A family walks towards the most popular animal feature of the zoo...

A family walks towards the most popular animal feature of the zoo…

Located right before entering the lions' exhibit...

Located right before entering the lions’ exhibit…



The two female lions on a relaxing yet hot Sunday.

The two female lions on a relaxing, yet hot Sunday.


A father is spending quality time with their children by talking to them about the different animals at the zoo.

A father is spending quality time with their children by talking to them about the different animals at the zoo.


Meanwhile, other children simply rejoice themselves in the playground available to them at the entrance of the zoo.

Meanwhile, other children simply rejoice themselves in the playground available to them at the entrance of the zoo.

A native Californian's sheep.

A native Californian’s sheep.

Once again, visiting this wonderful place helped me to reaffirm CALM’s major goal:  to educate visitors about the variety of animals and plants that may be endangered or are simply unknown to the community.  Whenever you feel like exploring a day at the jungle, don’t think twice about it and visit CALM, after all it is only 20 minutes away from Bakersfield’s downtown.

Entertainment in Bakersfield: Three High Quality Choices

27 Apr

Although we may all be under the impression that Bakersfield is just a small city, it is important to keep in mind that its entertainment sources are increasingly expanding throughout the years. When it comes down to narrowing choices for a weekend of entertainment in Bakersfield, the choices may be unlimited! It all depends on what you are looking for!


People enjoying a sunny day at the River Walk Park.

 River Walk Park: If you are looking for a meditative experience, where you can reflect upon the recent events in your life, or simply reorganize your thoughts, then going to the River Walk Park located by Buena Vista Road and Stockdale Hwy, would be the most suitable choice. River Walk can be described as a recreational park in which you can contemplate wonderful nature features such as native plants, luxurious landscapes, and even lakes.


Padre Hotel Lounge Logo


Padre Hotel Bar/Lounge: If you are really looking forward a place to distract yourself to get away from the ordinary stresses of the everyday life, embarking upon a wilder experience might be just the right choice for you. The nightclubs in Bakersfield may help you achieve this wilder experience in which you can rejoice yourself by socially drinking or dancing the night away in flashy platforms. A great place to embark upon this “wilder” experience is the Padre Hotel located at Bakersfield’s downtown. El Padre Hotel nightclub features all kinds of music every weekend, in a classy and trendy atmosphere at no cost to you.


People lining up to pay for their movie tickets.

Edwards Theater: But if the nightlife is not suitable to you, another wonderful place where to relax and enjoy of a stress-free environment is the theater! Watching a funny, romantic, or action movie isn’t a bad idea when it comes to trying to entertain ourselves. In fact, it may also serve for a higher purpose: inspiration. Inspiration may come by simply watching a conversation in a movie. Who knows? you might be able to expand your ideas on a story you would like to write in the near future. So what could it be better than killing two birds at once by entertaining and inspiring ourselves simultaneously? A wonderful theater to do so is the Edwards Bakersfield as it features the newest movies all the time, and it even offers discounts for College students on Tuesdays. It is conveniently located on Ming Avenue at the Marketplace.

So now whenever you find yourself debating in what to do for fun on an ordinary weekend, keep in mind these wonderful places! They could definitely offer you an upscale experience from which you can get away from the monotonous stresses of life.