Wasco Sheriff Body Camera Program Kicks Off

8 Jun

The sheriff’s substation in Wasco, California began its Officer Body Camera program on March 20. Wasco is one of the very few communities that has its law enforcement department to use body cameras and possibly the first in Kern County. This move was placed in since the wake of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MI. in hopes to prevent future police brutality or corruption.

During the city council meeting that night, Sgt. Ian Chandler of the Kern County Sheriff’s Department Wasco substation said that he was able to monitor three deputies on a police call on April 7 and was able to catch all perspectives of the action. They were able to apprehend the suspect in a nonlethal way.

According to the Wasco Tribune, the body cameras cost about $900 and were not paid by the city itself. Rather a grant was given to help fund the cameras.

Not only will the cameras be used to help provide better evidence during a call, it will also provide evidence for any deputies’ annual evaluation, according to the Wasco Tribune.

Sgt. Chandler said that the cameras feed high definition video with top quality audio to the sheriff’s station server.

The Sheriff’s Department held a media conference on April 9 and invited the local press.


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