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Guys, MC Hammer is coming.

14 Jun

Do you enjoy casinos? Are you a fan of early ’90s hip-hop?

The years since "U Can't Touch This" haven't been particularly kind to MC Hammer, yet he continues to tour. What a trooper.

The years since “U Can’t Touch This” haven’t been particularly kind to MC Hammer, yet he continues to tour. What a trooper.

If your answer to either of those two questions was ‘yes,’ then you’re in for a treat. If you answered ‘no,’ then please feel free to keep reading or browse the rest of our website; there’s some really cool stuff here.  Eagle Mountain Casino will be hosting the king of ’90s one-hit-wonders on Friday, June 14. The show starts at 8 p.m. at the casino in Tulare. Sure, this place isn’t exactly in Bakersfield and requires somewhat of a drive (If you consider an hour and a half ‘a drive.’). The important thing to remember is that this isn’t some no-name lowlife entertainer performing. This is MC Hammer! Who can forget his megahit “U Can’t Touch This” and…


I’m sure he has more songs. I hope he has more songs.

Tickets start at a price of $25, which isn’t all that bad. After the show, patrons can wander the casino freely, which is great. I’ve been in a casino, but refrained from gambling since I’m not 21 years old yet. Despite my inability to engage in the activities, I was entranced by the many shiny things scattered around the casino, including the flashing lights on the slot machines and the carnival-like atmosphere. One possible downside to the casino aspect of this event is the constant cigarette smell. I’m not a big fan of that particular smell.


Cupcakes, anyone?

14 Jun

  I’m not too big on cupcakes. As a matter of fact, I didn’t like them at all before someone brought me a cupcake from Cupcakes ~N~Crema. My logic was “Hey, If I’m going to enjoy a delicious pastry, why not go all out and get a cake? I don’t have time for cupcakes that all taste the same.”

  Never have I ever been so wrong.

Cupcakes~N~Crema, located at 4715 Coffee Road, Suite D is not your average cupcake shop. It's better.

Cupcakes~N~Crema, located at 4715 Coffee Road, Suite D is not your average cupcake shop. It’s better.

   The delectable creations formed at Cupcakes ~N~Crema transcend the title of “cupcake.”

  Now, I know what you’re thinking: “This guy is getting way too excited about miniature pastries.”

  The excitement is warrented, though. For most of my life, my only encounters with cupcakes were at birthday parties and small gatherings, where tasteless Vons and Albertson’s cupcakes had a stranglehold on the sweets department. They offer a wide variety of unique flavors such as vanilla and chocolate.

  Cupcakes ~N~Crema offers even more than that, with flavors like Maple Bacon, Bananas Foster, Pink Champagne, and Blueberry Cheesecake. The flavors rotate everyday, and the menu for the day is announced on their Facebook page, which you can see here: Supply is limited and the demand is high, so it’s best to hurry in, seeing as they close as soon as their daily inventory runs out!

  I’m not the only one raving about this place. Check out the reviews on Yelp! which you can read here:

  Cupcakes ~N~Crema is located at 4715 Coffee Road, Suite D.

CSUB junior attends her first Major League Baseball game

10 Jun

Robin Gracia, a 24-year-old junior at CSUB, has never been to a Major League Baseball game. While some people can barely entertain the thought of going without having seen a live baseball game, Gracia dealt with it everyday until May 29 of this year. After class that day, I went with her and some friends to Anaheim to watch the Angels take on the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Local bowling alley offers fun for all!

24 May
Southwest Lanes is a great place to enjoy a round of bowling with friends

Southwest Lanes is a great place to enjoy a round of bowling with friends!

See What’s Cooking at Salty’s!

5 May

The smell of barbeque is among the most irresistible sensations known to man. For six months now, Salty’s Barbeque and Catering has been servicing the Bakersfield area with this olfactory pleasure and the food that goes with it, all from a small shack on Rosedale Highway.

Photo: (

Photo: (

“We’re just a good, old-fashioned barbeque joint,” owner Jeff Salters said. “We cook chicken and tri-tip over a red oak open wood fire and we smoke pulled pork, beef ribs and pork ribs.”

Salters, the owner and brains of the humble operation, said his drive to start a restaurant stemmed from his love of cooking for those he loves. The family feeling definitely carries over into the atmosphere of the outdoor dining establishment, as the seating area brings to mind a backyard barbeque invoking an intimate closeness that mostly comes with sharing a meal with family.

“I’ve always loved cooking for friends and family,” Salters said. “Any time we’d get together, that’s what I did. I was the cook.”

Salters has been cooking for 20 years, only just recently opening the restaurant that somewhat bears his name. In his 20 years of experience, Salters has invented his own dry rub, smoking techniques and method of cooking tri-tip.

In addition to cooking for recreational purposes, Salters studied the ins and outs of the restaurant business through his position as a sales representative in the food service industry.

“I saw what was going on and I liked it,” Salters said. “I got an inside view of the restaurant industry and it got me thinking, ‘I’d like to do that.’”

In 2010, Salters started a catering business of the same name that continues to operate under the same roof as the restaurant. One night after church Salters passed by the location which, at the time, had a “for rent” sign out front. Within two weeks, Salty’s was officially open for business as a sit-down restaurant.

Christy and Linda Crane, Arkansas natives and first-time customers at Salty’s, had great things to say about the restaurant.

“I had the pulled pork sandwich and it was delicious,” Christy Crane said. “This is the best barbeque I’ve had since I moved here.”

Salters says he understands the importance of a good first impression and has made customer service a cornerstone of his still-new business.

“You can have great food, but if you don’t have great people, they’re going somewhere else,” Salters said.

Crane agreed with Salters, saying, “The customer service was great and the people are friendly. We’ll definitely be coming back.”

Salters has turned his catering business into one of the most popular barbeque restaurants in Kern County, having solidified a spot in the Top Three list of “Best New Restaurants” in The Bakersfield Californian’s Best of Kern readers’ choice poll.

Salty’s, located on 9425 Rosedale Highway, is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays. On Sundays, barbeque fans can get their tri-tip fix from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Get a job. Career fairs are fun

29 Apr

Power Rankings: Bakersfield’s top movie theaters

29 Apr

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re bored and on a budget just like me. So how do you stay in town and have a good time? For starters, you can see a movie.

Want to see a movie right now? Check out movie times, even buy tickets here:

When it comes to watching a movie in Bakersfield, there are really only three options. I’ll rank them for you right now.

If you want to see a movie in Bakersfield, go here. Just look at it. (Photo from

If you want to see a movie in Bakersfield, go to Edwards. Just look at it, Greek gods could live here. (Photo from

  1. Edwards Cinema (9000 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93311 Phone: [661] 663-3042): If there’s any place to be when you’re in the mood for a movie, it’s here. For starters, it’s a sight to see on the inside. It’s clean, and there’s an awesome bathroom upstairs if you’re willing to make the 30-second trek. On the outside, it’s just as good. The Edwards Cinema is located in the Marketplace, the biggest social hub in town. It’s in a nice part of town and there’s all kinds of food everywhere, which is always a plus. The only down side to this location is that on Friday nights, the place is crawling with eighth graders.
  2. Reading Cinemas (2000 Wible Road, Bakersfield, CA 93304 Phone: [661] 833-2230): This places second on my list just because it’s better than what’s next. I like this one because it’s close to the mall, just in case you want to spend a lot of money when you’re done with your movie. Good luck finding a parking spot in the same time zone, though.
  3. Maya Cinemas (1000 California Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93304 [661] 636-0484): This place is nice and spacious on the inside, complete with the best arcade selection on the list. If you’re going to see a movie here, go in an armored car… or a tank. Your movie-watching experience would be untouched as far as your satisfaction is concerned. That is, until you go outside. The Maya isn’t exactly in the best part of town, and is known for the robberies that go on in it’s parking lots.

These are my top three movie theaters here in town. However, there are two more that need mentioning: The Dollar Theater and Regency Theaters at the East Hills Mall. These are great if you’re feeling adventurous and brave or you want to shake off a terrible date.

Here’s the link to buy tickets at Edwards: