Bakersfield is all about the golf

7 Jun

There are many ways to have fun in Bakersfield, California.  One of my favorite things to do in Bakersfield is to golf.  There are many golf courses scattered throughout Bakersfield but my favorite include the links at Riverlakes, North Kern, and Stockdale Country Club.

Riverlakes is the hardest of the three courses in my opinion.  The course includes twelve lakes throughout and a beginner should watch out for them or else lose many balls in the water.  There are also three fountains included in the desert landscape of the course.  Almond and Pine trees are all over the course and after 3 or 4 holes a person might forget he is even in Bakersfield at all being that the course draws players in with its beauty.  The conditions of the course are very well maintained.  The thick fairways and flat greens are proof of this.  One thing that needs to be improved are the golf carts.  The carts are in good condition but are not kept charged enough.  I have had to call the club house on two occasions in order to have a different cart brought out to me due to mine running out of battery.

A view of one of Riverlake's many difficult holes.  Included is one of the 12 lakes.

A view of one of Riverlake’s many difficult holes. Included is one of the 12 lakes.

Stockdale Country Club is the one private course out the before mentioned courses.  In order to play here, one must either be a member or be a member’s guest.  Stockdale does an absolutely wonderful job at keeping its course in top condition.  In my opinion, the course is not as difficult as Riverlakes unless someone has trouble with accuracy.  In order to excel on this course, accuracy is more important than power.  Although this club is hard to access if not a member, I strongly suggest trying to find someone to play with.

A beautiful look into Stockdale's heavily wooded golf course

A beautiful look into Stockdale’s heavily wooded golf course

North Kern Golf is the most laid back and least well-kept out of the three courses.  I do not mind the rougher fairways or the poorly manicured greens due to the relaxed environment this course offers.  This course is located about 20 minutes from the city of Bakersfield off of the 99 freeway.  The course is set on a hilly terrain and contains a mountain backdrop that offers players a beautiful view.  The hills often give players some difficulty and a player with a strong power game would succeed here more than the other two courses.

The sun peaks through the trees at North Kern Golf Course.

The sun peaks through the trees at North Kern Golf Course.

Each of these three courses offer Bakersfield citizens and visitors alike the opportunity to play a great round of golf.  I strongly agree visiting all three courses and experiencing the different things that set each apart from each other.


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