Bakersfield boasts a strong restaurant variety

15 Apr

Bakersfield is often described as boring.  Those people could not be more wrong.  One thing Bakersfield has plenty of are restaurants.  There are numerous here in town that not only offer great food, but also a fun time.  Many of the places like the Elephant Bar and BJ’s also offer great bars for those customers looking to grab a cold beer or their favorite drink.  There are also many that offer a great environment for catching sporting events.  Some of these include The Firehouse as well as Eureka Burger.

The Firehouse is equipped with twenty HD flats-screens, some of which are big enough to be in a movie theater.  Laker fans looking to catch a game and a bite to eat would be in heaven at the Firehouse.  They often draw hundreds of people wearing purple and gold during playoff games.  These fans can be heard chanting M-V-P every time Laker superstar Kobe Bryant steps to the free throw line.  It is as if you were at the Staples Center watching the game in person.  

If you were really wanting to prove the Bakersfield nay-sayers wrong, one place would do the trick: Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace.  It is famous for its rich musical history.  Buck Owens, the musical mayor of Bakersfield opened the Palace for customers looking to grab a bite to eat, or a drink while watching live musical performances.  People like Kid Rock, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Uncle Cracker, and Merle Haggard have been privileged enough to say they have performed there.

Buck Owen's Crystal Palace.

Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace.

There are also restaurants like Applebees that support Bakersfield’s community sports. Bakersfield’s local sports teams cover the inside of Applebees, and the food is very affordable.  It is great to walk into a place to eat, sit down, and look around at the rich history of Bakersfield sporting teams.  Jerseys like that of David Carr can be seen hanging up, reminding us of the successful pros that come out of our town.

So for those people who tell you Bakersfield is boring and has nothing to do, tell them to simply grab a bite to eat at one of Bakersfield’s many restaurants.  They would surely not be disappointed if they went to one of the above mentioned places or many more such as Luigi’s, Woolgrowers, KC Steakhouse, 24th Street Cafe, and Akiras.


One Response to “Bakersfield boasts a strong restaurant variety”

  1. MultimediaJen April 19, 2013 at 9:31 am #

    The Crystal Palace is also very family friendly — sometimes there are more kids than adults on the dance floor! I love that place. The desserts are definitely for sharing.

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