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Indoor kart racing is a cool way to beat the heat

19 May
Photo from Google Images

Photo from Google Images

Everyone who has grown up in Bakersfield during the summer knows how hot it can get. This summer is no exception, with temperatures reaching the 90s in spring. With the blazing heat of Bakersfield weather it can be hard to leave the cooling comfort of your AC.

But JAM Raceway is Bakersfield’s only indoor karting facility, so it keeps participants out of the heat and focused on racing to victory. JAM is newly located on 6901 District Boulevard and is open Monday through Sunday. Specific times can be seen here.

These electric karts are capable of speeds of about 50 mph, and with speeds like that it should keep you relatively cool. JAM charges about $20 for a non-member and $15 if you are a member, these prices are for a 14-lap race. And of course you must be able to provide a valid drivers license in order to race. Complete list of prices can be seen here.

JAM welcomes anyone from professional racers to a novice just looking to race their family or friends. Each person who races is given a score sheet after every race which breaks down their performance and their state of the art timing system allows each competitor to view their lap time and race position in real time on a giant projection screen.

Racers can even go online to check past race results. Each one of these races last about 10 minutes and can go longer depending on the type of race.  JAM is very dedicated to making racing fun and making it very competitive.

If you’ve never been to JAM Raceway, why not try it out this summer and get out of that summer heat for a bit and race your friends and family.


Racing in The ‘Field

15 Apr


[A girl (l) boy (r) having a blast at Jam Raceway]

People always say there is nothing to do in Bakersfield, well that must mean people are not getting out enough. Bakersfield is very spread apart and there are plenty fun activities to do in Bakersfield. People just have to take the time to drive around Bakersfield and they will see plenty of fun stuff to do. The majority of people who say there is nothing to do in Bakersfield have never really been out. I can relate to them because i use to be a main person complaining about “there is nothing to do out here in Bakersfield.” Then one day I decided to let my friend who is from Bakersfield show me around and tell me all the things i can do to enjoy myself, so the Jam Raceway was presented to me.


Jam Raceway is an indoor kart racing where you and your friends can go and have a jolly time at. Not only is Jam Raceway an escape to have fun and build character, but it allows you to explore different curricula’s that are in Bakersfield.

Jam Raceway does not discriminate, age and gender does not matter. Jam Raceway allows he or she to be a kid again. You go in and do laps around the track. This was one of the places I really enjoyed going to with my basketball teammates and the mens basketball team.

It is crucial that rules and regulations are followed so nobody gets hurt. Jam raceway provides a high speed race simulation with a challenging road course that is for all skill levels. Learn more at Jam Raceways Facebook page. 

Jam Raceway provides a high speed race simulation with a challenging road course that is for all skill levels.