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Get a job. Career fairs are fun

29 Apr

Fro’ Yo’ is Fun for all!!

29 Apr

Yogurt bars have become an instant attraction for Bakersfield residents. Eating healthy foods is often misguidedly associated with boring foods that lack color and taste. Frozen yogurt is now offered throughout Bakersfield as a healthy and scrumptious alternative to ice cream. Within the past three years, at least three yogurt bars have been opened on the southwest side of Bakersfield. Over a dozen yogurt places are currently open across the city. These comfortable bars are filled with vibrant colors, translucent spotlighting, and strategic seating which enables customers to spend a fun time together for under ten dollars.

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti in Stockdale Shopping Center

Tutti Frutti in Town & Country Shopping Center

  •   Tutti Frutti is a great place to grab a frozen treat. Tutti Frutti is located in the Town and Country Shopping Center down the street from CSUB. This is a convenience for students who desire a cold creamy dessert during the summer. No car? Not a problem, Tutti Frutti is less than a mile from the campus. According to the company’s website, Tutti Frutti has locations in various countries across the country from Australia to Vietnam. Their mission is to make high quality frozen yogurt for people to enjoy all around the world. Customers can enjoy a cup of fro’ yo from 11am – 10 pm, Sunday through Thursday and 11 am – 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

    First- time customer Nathan Sanchez

    First- time customer Nathan Sanchez overloads on mango & pineapple soft serves

Nathan Sanchez, a first-time customer described his experience as “delicious, affordable, and mind blowing.”


Two cheerful customers enjoy a yummy snack from Yogurtland

Two cheerful customers enjoy a yummy snack from Yogurtland

  •   Yogurtland is another frozen yogurt bar that is also located on Stockdale Highway. This place can be found a few blocks down from the Riverwalk Park. The location is excellent for relaxing on a bench and feeling the pre-summer breeze while enjoying a savory serving of frozen yogurt. This yogurt bar offers a wide variety of flavors including: Salted Caramel Pecan, Dragon Passion Fruit Tart, and Matcha Green Tea. The store is open from 11 am- 11 pm Monday through Thursday, and Sunday. Yogurtland stays open an extra hour on Friday and Saturday.


The latest yogurt bar, Yogurtzone, offers variety, coloful designs, and fun for all!

The latest yogurt bar, Yogurtzone, offers a variety of flavors, colorful designs, and fun for all!

  • Another edition to the frozen yogurt  fad is the newly opened Yogurtzone. Yogurtzone can be found placed discreetly between two shops at the Marketplace. Yogurtzone employees emphasize the importance of quality customer service. The bar stands out by providing more space, a chic decor, a backdrop for customers to take photos, and a television that plays a slideshow of previous customers. Like Tutti Frutti, the location of Yogurtzone is close enough for CSUB students to walk to the destination. Unlike some of the surrounding shops in The Marketplace, Yogurtzone is affordable, so customers with varying budgets can enjoy a cup of fun!

Yogurt Freeze in Bako!

14 Apr

A sample of what you can make at Yogurt Zone(from1.bp.blogspot.com)

Looking for a place to hang with friends, try Yogurt Zone. Yogurt Zone is a new frozen yogurt place here in Bakersfield located at the Market Place near Edwards Cinema.

Yogurt Zone is just like every other yogurt place but has some things that make is stand out from the others. For one is their restroom, yes their restroom. Their restroom is something that will attract people because is not like other restrooms. It has something that will make it stand out from the rest. It has a TV in it.

The TV in the restroom is attracts people because its something different. It something that is uncommon. Thats why its something to see, even though it only show Disney Channel.

But not people will not only be attracted to go to Yogurt Zone for their restroom, they will also go for their yogurt. Yogurt Zone has many different flavors of yogurt. You can see there flavros here:http://www.myyogurtzone.com/

Yogurt Zone is a perfect place to spend time with friends and family here in Bakersfield. It has everything around it for it to make in fun for everyone. It has a movie theater, resturants, and shows all around it. It the perfect place to just spend quailty time with friends and family.

To find more information about The Market Place: http://www.themarketplacebakersfield.com/