Good Beer in Bakersfield

24 Apr

For a class related assignment, I found myself in an unfamiliar bar on an unfamiliar side of town. On Wednesday I enjoyed some great local entertainment while drinking a good beer. The bar seemed to be (at least what I can tell from its website) a local establishment that has been in existence for several years. The crowded bar resembled that of the many college bars I’ve visited in Chico yet it lacked that particular “divey” feel that I dislike so much.

The food, from what little I tried, was pretty terrible. Because my dear friend and I had already ate our fill of a meal at another downtown restaurant, we only enjoyed drinks and an appetizer. The appetizer wash a dish I consider to be one of my favorites; hummus and pita bread. I’ve never had hummus I didn’t like. It should be hard to destroy such a simple garbanzo bean spread but Goose Loonies allowed me to experience a truely terrible dip. The flavor dealing the dish’s fatal blow was that of pumpkin or some kind of squash. It was terrible! No gourd belongs in hummus! I couldn’t eat a single bite.

Don’t be discouraged from trying any of their other meals, however. Though each dish was a bit pricey, beautiful juciy steaks could be seen frequently leaving the kitchen. They looked and smelled wonderful and I plan to try one in the near future.

I tried a new beverage. Woodchuck Pear Cider. It was a bit disappointing to be honest but I can see my non-beer drinking friends taking a liking to it. It was too sweet for me. The crisp taste of pear made any of the familiar flavors of beer go unnoticed in every sip. It was as if I was drinking juice. The color of the drink wasn’t even yellow. It sat in my mug looking like a Chardonnay with a light green hue. I enjoyed it but it fails to compare with my favorite beer, Tangerine.

If you happen to find yourself in the west Rosedale area of town be sure to look out for Lengthwise Brewing Company’s Pub. It sits on Calloway just north of Hwy 58. If you visit, grab a basket of Stinky Fries and a glass of Tangerine on tap. It’s a wonderful light beer that contains the wonderful flavors of the fruit for which it’s named. Very few places in town offer this sweet, heavenly nectar in its bottled from the faucet. It’s wonderful!


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