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The 27th Annual Jazz Festival

24 May

Jazz Festival


Local bowling alley offers fun for all!

24 May
Southwest Lanes is a great place to enjoy a round of bowling with friends

Southwest Lanes is a great place to enjoy a round of bowling with friends!


CSUB Recreation Center offers entertainment to students

20 May

Zaika and its Deliciousness

17 May

Interview with Henry Bhullar, manager of Indian restaurant Zaika Bar and Cuisine.

*Photo provided by Zaika Bar and Cuisine Restaurant

Welcome to the Swap Meet: A great place of vast opportunities!

15 May

Main Entrance to the Swap Meet


The South Union Swap meet in Bakersfield offers a wide variety of new and used products and services as more than 300 vendors come out every weekend to be part of this outdoor market experience. After hearing several stories about how this place manages to offer used and new products at affordable and reasonable prices, and at the same time offer an entertaining experience, I decided to visit it for myself, and see what is really all about.  This is what I found out based on a vendor seller’s perspective.

Information about current admission prices includes the following:

Current Admission Prices (2013)

Local Pilot gives Inside Scoop on Local Airport

14 May

A Bakersfield, local pilot, Michael Stewart shares a typical day out at the Airport. He also shares special events and fun things to do on the weeks many of us local residents were unaware of! The Rocket Shop Cafe is located on the airport grounds and open to the public everyday of the week!

14 May

In an interview with Heidi Crabtree, she explains why you should shop at one of Bakersfield’s local farmers markets versus a grocery store.