Get in the zone, Yogurt Zone

20 Apr



Just in time for warm weather, the frozen yogurt phenomenon has made its way to the Market Place in Bakersfield. Yogurt  Zone is one of the newest yogurt shops in Bakersfield, since its opening in February of this year.

Yogurt Zone opened in The Market Place on Ming Avenue. The yogurt shop is located across from its close competitors Baskin Robbins, and besides Cold Stone. It hardly seems possible that yet another dessert-like shop could open, with its close competitors near by.

This latest incarnation of frozen yogurt attempts to distinguish itself from its close competitors by focusing on ambiance and personal connections with customers. The company has a philosophy of, ” taking heroic measures if necessary. To make sure customers are fully satisfied-our theme is ‘every day you get our best’ when it comes to customer service,” according to the franchise main website. You can find more information about the franchise goals and values along with their menu at

The self-serve yogurt shop carries more than 14 yogurt flavors,and more than 50 creative toppings. A fun aspect that separates this yogurt shop from its local competitors is how many ways you can customize your helping of frozen yogurt. The next time the Bakersfield heat comes beating down on you zone right in to the new yogurt shop and indulge your yogurt creations, regardless of whatever diet plan your on.


One Response to “Get in the zone, Yogurt Zone”

  1. crystalriverrealty May 27, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    Cool! Thanks for the delicious blog on Yogurt Zone. The blog was colorful, well written, and made me want to eat a frozen yogurt with you. I did not know that Yogurt Zone was located in the Market Place, but will now take my family and friends there to enjoy yogurt and all of the other delights on the menu.

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