When the weather gets warm grab a jacket and some skates

17 May

The San Joaquin Community Hospital Ice Center of Bakersfield is a great break from the heat. While the temperature in Bakersfield climbs closer and closer to triple digits people begin to fantasize about the winter. Going for a few hours of skating can transport the average person from 102 degree heat to a frigid wonderland.

Located on 1325 Q street, next to the Maya Cinemas and McMurtrey Aquatic Center, the ice rink is large and can easily have over 100 skaters on it at once.

The cost of admittance for adults is $8.00. Children and senior citizen receive a discount. If you don’t have a pair of ice skates the Ice Center rents pairs of skates, in figure skating and hockey varieties, for $3.00 a pair.

Skating can be a daunting task for the uninitiated though. However, the staff at the Ice Center are willing to walk beginners through everything from lacing skates to how to safely pick oneself up of the ground in case of a fall. Attendees can also check-out an “ice walker” if they need more stability.

A word of warning though – the place is cold. A jackets, warm pants or leggings, gloves and thick socks are a necessity when going skating. There aren’t many feeling more shocking then slipping and collapsing knee first on sub 30 degree ice while wearing shorts.


From the SJCH Facebook page.
A group of children watch while their instructor demonstrates hockey techniques.



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