Live Entertainment in Bakersfield

14 Apr
Photo by Michelle Guerrero

Photo by Michelle Guerrero, published by Bakersfield Californian.

“There’s nothing to do in Bakersfield.” How many times have I heard that phrase before? Granted, Bakersfield isn’t as big or flashy as Los Angeles, where entertainment events are a dime-a-dozen in a city that seemingly never sleeps.

As for the “lack of entertainment” in Bakersfield? That all depends on what an individual considers to be entertaining. Do you enjoy the theater? No, I’m not talking about going to the theater to see a movie! I’m talking about seeing plays live on the stage. If you’ve answered yes, then you’ll love the plays put on by the Empty Space Theatre

The Empty Space Theatre is a local theatre in Bakersfield that puts on plays year-round. There’s something for everyone, play-wise. There have been plays geared towards children and teens and plays that are meant to be seen solely by adults.

“Crimes of the Heart,” the latest theatre production by the Empty Space Theatre, is one of those plays that is not really appropriate for children, so it’s best to leave the kids at home!

“Crimes of the Heart,” is, according to Bakersfield Californian writer Stefani Dias, “based on Adultery, suicide, attempted murder, heartbreak, sisters, birthday desserts — all the makings of a great story.”

“Crimes of the Heart” is based on a 1986 film that centered around three sisters who have a dramatic and problematic reunion following the death of one of the sisters husband.

That husband, by the way, was shot by his own wife (i.e., one of the three sisters), so if you love dramatic television or films, then you’ll love this play.

“Crimes of the Heart,” will be showing at the Empty Space Theatre Friday and Saturday from 8 PM to roughly 10 PM until April 22. Tickets are $15 per person, and $10 for students and seniors.

Other companies theatre-loving devotees should check out are the Gaslight Melodrama Theater, Spotlight Theater & Café, and Stars Theater Restaurant


One Response to “Live Entertainment in Bakersfield”

  1. MultimediaJen April 18, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    I love the plays produced at The Empty Space Theatre! I also love that that they don’t actually charge for admission. Their tag line is “setting theater free.” Instead, they ask for a suggested donation of $15 per person – but people can pay whatever they can afford. I’ve paid more than that sometimes, and less that that sometimes, depending on my budget. But I will always support The Empty Space!

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