Bakersfield Blaze wait as plans for new stadium are finalized

20 Apr
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The Bakersfield Blaze are set to have a new ballpark by 2014 to replace the current Sam Lynn Ballpark, which has been around since 1941.The new ballpark is going to be built between Rosedale highway and Brimhall road off of Coffee road.The ballpark is said to have a main street leading to the stadium with several different businesses that include restaurants.
“Rumors of a new stadium to replace Sam Lynn Ballpark built in 1941, gained steam when the Blaze were bought earlier this year by a group led by local businessmen Gene Vailand and Chad Hathaway.The baseball organization said it plans to open the new stadium in 2014”(
The new ballpark will also offer new jobs and can be used for multipurpose events including college baseball and softball to name a few along with major musical events and gatherings. Because Sam Lynn Ballpark is quite outdated, and is said to not meet minor league stadium requirements. Fans of the Blaze have been urging the organization to build a new stadium and now they will be able to enjoy and experience the Bakersfield Blaze minor league games on a whole new level.
“The planned 3500 seat stadium would include luxury suites and special event space for groups and families, picnic areas and a children’s playground, the Blaze said.In addition to being home to the single A- Cincinnati reds affiliate, the stadium could host college baseball and softball games, soccer matches and concerts,the Blaze said” (

The new stadium will be a great attraction and a good sports investment for the city of Bakersfield and it will benefit the locals with grade A competitive entertainment. The new ballpark will hopefully encourage many of the Bakersfield residents to support the home team, which continues to battle through the season. After losing the home opener last Thursday the eleventh of April, the Blaze continue with four wins and two losses. As the Blaze continue to find themselves, they continue to provide families with fun and entertainment despite their rocky start and outdated ballpark. Sam Lynn ballpark was built in 1941 and remains a great attraction in Bakersfield and also remains a good place to continue supporting the Blaze, until their new stadium comes in 2014.


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